“ Singapore has nothing more than tall buildings and shopping malls ” you would hear Singaporeans moaning out. IGNORE THEM. Singapore is a vibrant country with impressive skylines and multilingual people from different ethnic groups. A country where almost every citizen speaks more than one language, English or Singlish  ( English with Singaporean slangs) and Tamil, Mandarin Chinese or Malay.

Recently, Singapore has been recognised as the world’s second largest casino market.

Start You Day At Singapore’s Botanical Garden:

While the day unfurls, its still quiet in Singapore. Singapore’s Botanical Garden spreads out its unique charm. Strolling through the virgin rain forest you would witness the garden filled with joggers and tai-chi practitioners.

The garden houses the largest orchid collection of 1,200 species and 2,000 hybrids.

When you are done exploring the garden you may stop by the food court near Tangling Gate for a traditional Singaporean breakfast of soft boiled eggs, toasted slathered with coconut jam and coffee.

Botanical Carden - Singapore

How To Get There:

Alight on the Botanical Garden MRT Station on Circle Line you would get to Bukit Timah Gate or Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, alternatively you can also ride a MRT on a North South Line and alight at the Orchard Station, Tangling Gate is closer to the station.

Take A Stroll At The China Town:

As the day life starts, its an ideal time to visit China Town. The vibrant streets of the Chinatown gets filled with street side markets and food stalls. There shops selling everything from electronic goods to souvenirs which makes this a perfect place for shopping.

The three main street of the town are the Temple Street, Mosque Street and Pagoda Street. There is an iconic Sri. Mariamman Hindu Temple on the end of the temple street, a mosque on the end of the mosque street and the prominent Tooth Relic Buddha Temple sits on the end of the Pagoda street.

China town is the best place to lodge in as it houses wide range of hostels.

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Chinatown - Singapore

How To Get There:

China town has its own MRT station linked with the North East and Down Town Lines.

Grab Lunch At The Telok Ayer Market:

Telok Ayer Market or locally known as La Pau Sat (Old Market), is an iconic octagonal shaped hawker centre building with the ornamental columns at the entrance. Its located on the Singapore’s Central Business District, surrounded by canyons of tall buildings. There are numerous food stalls serving Malay, Chinese and South Indian foods.


 Telok Ayer - Singapore

How To Get There:

Telok Ayer has its own MRT station, however it could easily be reached by walk from the China Town.

Visit the Panoramic Marina Bay:

There is no point of coming to Singapore and not having some interaction with an eminent locality of Singapore – Marina Bay. Marina Bay is surrounded by clusters of sky scrappers, housing financial institutions from around the world.

Many major attractions like the Merlion Park and the renowned hotel Marina Bay Sands are located here, which makes this to be one of the many popular attractions of Singapore.

Marina Bay - Singapore

How To Get There:

Marina Bay is well linked by 2 MRT Lines. Central Circle Line and North South Line.

However it can be reached easily by walking from Telok Ayer Market.

Experience The Singapore Flyer:

Singapore flyer is a giant ferry wheel. The overall height of the Singapore flyer is 165 meters (541 ft.).  Each of the 28 capsules of the wheel can carry 28 passengers in each capsule. The view from the top is simply stunning, you can catch a glimpse of the neighbouring Indonesian spice islands and watch ships serenely sail by the straits of Johor, Malaysia.

The ride lasts for 30 Minutes and costs 33 SGD per person.

Singapore Flyer

How To Get There:

The Promenade Station on the Central Circle Line provides an easy access to the Singapore flyer, the flyer is merely a 5 mins walk from the station.

Take An Evening Walk On The Orchard Road:

Orchard road is a long boulevard filled with shopping malls, its often referred to as the entertainment hub of Singapore. An evening walk along the Orchard Road would be the best thing to do.

Orchard Road - Singapore

How To Get There:

Orchard Road Station on the North South Line provides an hassle free access to Orchard road.

Dine In At The Clarke Quay:

Clarke Quay houses various restaurants and night clubs, there are also moored Chinese junks that has been refurbished to floating restaurants and pubs.

Clarke Quay is the place to rush your adrenaline by strapping yourself on the reverse bungee jumping before a great meal.


Clarke Quay - Singapore

How To Get There:

Clarke Quay’s MRT station on the North Eastern lane is the gateway to Clarke Quay.

Do The Night Safari:

As the dusk falls, the shutters opens at the night safari. The night safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo, and houses over 2,500 animals representing over 130 species, from fierce predators to timid forest dwellers.

The safari starts at 7:30PM and lasts for 4 hours.

Night Safari - Singapore

How To Get There:

Night safari is right next to the Singapore Zoo, its recommended to pre-arrange your trip. Usually the service providers would provide a hotel transfer facility.

Take A Day Trip To Sentosa:

Sentosa is an island resort half a kilometre off coast of the main Island of Singapore. Sentosa is widely visited by both locals and tourists. Sentosa houses theme parks, 2 golf courses, hotels, spas and casinos.

Sentosa - Singapore

How To Get There:

The most recommended way to get to Sentosa is to hop onto a cable car from Harbour Front Station which is the terminal point for both Circle Line and North East Line.

Indulge In The Night Life:

As the night falls, Singapore’s gets more charming. There are plenty of clubs in Singapore.

Zouk  Club is one of the prominent ones and is known for keeping the nightlife in Singapore active for decades. It is made of three clubs Zouk, Phuture and Velvet Underground, and a wine bar.

Zouk - Singapore

How To Get There:

Zouk Is located at 17 Jiak Kim Street. The nearest MRT station is Tiong Bahru on the East West line, from where Zouk is jus 10 minutes away.

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  1. “Lion City” is my favourite destination so far… even after so many countries.

    The colourful architecture, the old buildings and historic districts are stunning. Great place for walking, eating out and taking nice photos!

    I simply adore Singapore’s “Merlion” symbol!

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