Surrounded by deep ocean waters, there’s one thing Australian cuisine never lacks – fresh, mouth-watering oysters. More than 13 million dozen of the Sydney rock, Pacific and Tasmanian oysters are harvested annually; each known for their specific, yet exquisite taste, rare are those who can resist but to try them. For those looking to lick their fingers with delight, we have curated a list of top restaurants which offers finest oysters in Sydney.

The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay

Oysters Sydney

Situated in the heart of Sydney, a unique romantic waterfront location is not the only reason for its immense popularity. Seafood is their specialty, but they also strive to make the most of the seasonal produce, catering to everyone’s tastes. Nevertheless, their rich array of oyster varieties is what makes everyone always go back for more. Each day they provide a new menu, and depending on the availability, you might get a chance to try up to 16 varieties at once. From Sydney rock oysters, Pacific, and native Angassi – with 250 dozen oysters a week. The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay is an oyster-lover’s dream come true.


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You know what they say: when you are abroad, looking for the place to eat, find out where the locals go. To experience Manly’s freshest dining, get a reservation at the Whitewater Restaurant. Sitting in a soothing beach house atmosphere, sipping Australia’s finest white wine, gazing at the never-ending ocean, one might say Whitewater is the closest thing to perfection. Still, there’s one thing that can spice up your meal – ocean-fresh oysters. Sydney Rock or Pacific? With ponzu pepper sauce and fish roe, or grilled crispy bacon and Worcestershire sauce? If unsure which is to your liking, this place offers a degustation menu to get the taste of their most praised dishes.


Sydney Oyster

The only thing at Jonah’s more admired than the unforgettable view of the Whale beach are its fresh, shucked on the half-shell oysters. Ask any local and they will say they spend their Friday and Saturday nights indulging themselves in pure, clean and unsullied oysters, accompanied by imported French wine. How come the restaurant managed to achieve such excellence? Owing to the fact that it is under the direction of Logan Campbell, highly experienced executive chef, and a world-renewed sommelier Niels Sluiman.

The Emporium Paramata

Sydney Oyster

We agree, it is a little further from the ocean than the restaurants we have previously mentioned, however, they still pride themselves in some of the most delicious, freshly-made oysters in the entire Sydney area. Its modern Australian menu with just a touch of Mediterranean, The Emporium Paramata’s Tuscan style venue is everything but ordinary. Freshly shucked, prepared on the spot, their oysters come with sake and lime granite on the side, or if you are a true gourmet – red wine vinegar and eschallot. From the moment you walk in and pass the exotic archways and marble tables, to the very last bite of this restaurant’s most exquisite oyster dish, everything feels so surreal.

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

Sydney Oyster

When a Sydney-sider craves for oysters, they take off the Western Distributor, down the Grosvenor Street and park themselves right in front of the Morison Bar and Oyster Room. Why? Because this place is all about the oysters – offering more than 30 Australian varieties, saying this place prepares some of the best Angassi oysters would be an understatement. In their “Oyster Library” one can find Pacific and Sydney Rock oysters prepared in ways you’ve never even heard of before, and to take the experience to the highest level, a reputable sommelier will help you choose the ideal wine to suit the dish you decide upon.

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