Cuenca is a popular destination in Ecuador. Colonial houses rim the cobblestone streets of the alluring city that is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. Oldest residential area of Cuenca signifies its Historic Center which warranted its inclusion among the World Heritage Cities.

Cuenca is served by Mariscal Lamar International Airport (CUE) which links the city with the two major cities of the country Quito and Guyaquil. Terminal Terrestre, the main bus terminal connects the city to Mancora, Tumbes and Piura in Peru apart from having regular services to Loja, Banos and other major cities in the country.

Avenida España runs between the Airport and bus terminal. Both are located a few blocks away from the city’s sprawling main square.

Getting From The Airport:

By Bus:

The cheapest way to get to the historic center from the airport is by a collectivo. Route 100 runs through Av Gil Ramirez ,  the main street outside the Airport. It passes through Gaspar Sangurima which is located three blocks to the North of main square. It costs 25 cents to travel within the city. Tip: Have an exact change of 25 cents since busses in Cuenca have an automated machine and at times it could be a hassle to get a change.

By Taxi:

Taxis would usually cost between USD 2 to USD 2.50. Its easy and safe to find one out side the terminal. Taxis in Cuenca do run on meter.

Cuenca Bus

Getting From The Bus Terminal (Terminal Terrestre):

By Bus:

The main road outside the Terminal is Avenida España. Bus 100 connects Avenida España and Gaspar Sangurima a street three blocks to the North of the main square. The journey would cost 25 cents.

By Taxi:

There is a taxi stand just as you would exit the terminal building. Normally the ride would cost around 2 USD to the main square.

By Walk:

It is easier to get to the center of the city by foot. It normally takes 25-30 minutes. Walk through Avenida España until you reach Avenida Huayna Capac, turn left on Avenida Huyayna Capac until you get to Simon Bolivar which would be on your right. Once you cross 7 blocks on the Simon Bolivar you would be on main square “Parque Calderon”.

Cuenca Bus

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