Ever wanted to explore a place without paying those exorbitant amount of money to tour guides?

The first thing we do while planning a trip is to browse through the internet, we often do bookmark the page to refer again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that could guide us through the city with an offline map that would show our location and would guide us to each subsequent location?


What Are GPSMyCity Article Apps?

GPSMyCity produces city walk apps for almost 600 cities across the globe, with the use of the GPS tracking on your phone the app would guide you through the city… that’s why they say “Get lost without getting lost”

There is also the option to upgrade for a small fee. This would assist you planning your travel by providing an offline map showing the points of interest. And it links the app to GPS, so that when you are actually in the city you can get a route to places mentioned in the article.

There are two ways to access article apps on your IOS device. You can either click on the link at the end of a blog post that has been turned into an app (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSMyCity app you will be prompted to do so). Or, once you have the GPSMyCity app, you can browse by city to see what articles are available. You can then download the article for free or upgrade for offline use and GPS tracking.
For a limited period I am offering a free upgrade on the following article apps so that you can see how it works:

To get your free upgraded app you need to click on the link for the article(s) you are interested in. Then follow the instructions to download the GPSMyCity app. You will then be taken to the page for the article app – click on Upgrade and the app will be automatically linked to an offline map and the GPS navigator.

As a bonus (and to introduce you to how great this concept is), I am offering free upgrades of my most popular travel articles in the GPSMyCity directory, beginning today (July 11, 2016) and ending next week (Sunday, July 17, 2016).

You can access GPS-guided travel articles two different ways:

  1. Click on a link below for the article you are interested in (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSMyCity app, you will see a prompt to do so). After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
  2. From the GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see which articles are available.

You can download any article for free or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.

FREE giveaways:


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Note: If you do upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles, I will receive a few cents. It helps me offset the costs of maintaining a travel blog…

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