Is Uganda a safe place to travel?

I was deluged by this question when I shared my travel experience with people. My answer to them was “Yes! It is”.


Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria


Historically, Uganda was once an unrest place, the economy of the country collapsed somewhere between 1971-1979, people these days often carry a perception about Uganda as a dangerous place to go, they portray an image of street riots, criminals, fights among different race, which is untrue.

It definitely is good to know the history of a country before travelling, but it’s also important to know that it was their past and you should see them to what they have revived to.

Uganda may not be the safest place on the earth like many other countries, but this should not stop you from exploring Uganda.

There are some basic precautions you should take, nothing different from those you consider while going to any foreign land.

Consider staying in a hotel close to main roads, which has a door man round the clock; robberies are still common in most part of Africa. Secure your valuables in the safe, provided by the hotel.

Sienna Beach Hotel in Entebbe is safe and is located on the shores of renowned Lake Victoria. Sienna Beach Hotel, offers inexpensive rooms. It has a remarkable security round the clock.

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda has a wide range of hotels to choose from, however if traveling on a budget you may choose to stay in Hotel Sojovalo, this three star hotel offers a good service and has rooms from USD 70.

Avoid venturing out on streets alone at dark.

This goes without saying, in any country it is not advisable to be adventurous enough to wander on a dark or low-lit streets alone, this could invite you to be a victim of any form of assault. Stick to public places. And know the fact, that solo travel doesn’t mean to be always on unanimity.

Hire a taxi or a driver through your hotel.

Hiring a taxi is the safest option to go around major cities in the country, the road conditions are not great, people are known for rash driving habits and roads are poorly lit during nights, hence it’s not recommended to rent a self driven car.

Try the public transports matatus (minibus) and bodaboda (scooter taxi) at least once during your stay, it would be an unique experience. Matatus are commonly used only in East Africa, they are usually overcrowded.


Get to know what to see and how to reach there.

Doing a little research before landing in any country would be of a great help.  More than doing safari, its recommended to explore everything else that this beautiful country has to offer. Jinja, popularly known as the source of the river Nile is a renowned attraction. Spend an evening partying at the Spenna beach. Tour the Bwindi National park, known for its Gorilla tracking.

Partying In Spenna Beach
Partying In Spenna Beach

Don’t avoid Uganda; it has a lot to offer .

Don’t ponder your safety concerns and skip Uganda, just because you have heard or  read somewhere that it’s unsafe.

I backpacked alone in Uganda, and felt totally safe, infact I felt like I was being pampered by locals for being a visitor in their country.  Every other person I met was friendly and were extremely hospitable. I was often referred by locals as “Muzungu” (white in complexion).

Good To Know

Entebbe offers a serene atmosphere its nestled on the bank of the Lake Victoria, the air is clean and unpolluted.

Kampala the capital city, is bustling and cramped with motorists and street hawkers.  Kampala is considered to be the most populated city in Uganda.

United Nations has its base set in Entebbe for many years, for the ongoing missions in the Congo DR, Sudan, including Darfur and Burundi, has now been elevated into the global body’s main operational peacekeeping base in this part of Africa.

Uganda has been one of my favorite countries I have been to, don’t let the history or media intimidate you from traveling to this beautiful East African country.



27 comments on “Is Uganda A Safe Country To Travel To?

  1. I guess every place has some safety issues as well and in general, traveling is ofcourse risky. But what is life without any risk anyway? What I have seen here in your post is Uganda is totally worth it to make a risk. 🙂

  2. I agree with you. Nearly every destination can have difficulties for travellers. The key is to be prepared and aware of what the risks might be and to not travel alone in places where there are cautions being issued. I’d love to go to Uganda.

  3. I also heard that Uganda is really safe to travel. It’s still one of my African bucket list countries, but I’m pretty sure I will make it there pretty soon.

  4. I feel Uganda uses a lot of the same rules as any country…even in toronto I would not walk alone in areas late at night. If you use your head you can be almost anywhere safely I think

  5. Unfortunately we see and hear the worst of a country on the news. If you base it on what you see in the media people would never travel. (no where is safe!) Thanks for sharing about Uganda. It will help a lot of people plan their travels.

  6. Thank you for letting us know about Uganda! Sometimes it is easy to shy away from places that we hear are dangerous. I’m glad that it’s like in many nations, where you just have to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

  7. There are so many places in the world that have been misrepresented by myth and media. Uganda is one such country which has so many treasures to unveil. Recently I had been to Rwanda and all misconceptions were swept away as soon as I landed in the place which engulfed me with its beauty.

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