Homicides, kidnappings, so-called Medellin Cartel are a few illicit things that could flash in front of you when you think of Medellin. However, the truth is Medellin would hit you with an inescapable assault of friendliness. None of which you can imagine while reading about the history of the city.

Medellin has an excellent transport system. Metro Medellin is one of the signs that the city is prevailing from its grisly past. Busses and flights from major cities of Colombia operate regularly to Medellin.

El Poblado houses most hostels and hotels. Here’s a complete guide on getting to El Poblado from the airport and bus terminals.

From The Bus Terminal (North):

If you are arriving in Medellin from cities in the North or East, you would arrive at Terminal del Norte (Terminal North). A footbridge connects Terminal del Norte to the Caribe Metro Station. At the ground level of the terminal, you would find stairs leading to the “Caribe Metro Station”.There are frequent metro trains to El Poblado, a one-way ticket would cost COP 2300. Hop on the metro heading towards La Estrella. El Poblado would be the 9th stop.

Alternatively, UBER is reliable and cheaper than regular taxis in Medellin. It would cost between COP 7000-8500 from Terminal Norte to El Poblado.

Busses from Bogota, Cartagena and Guatape arrives and departs from Terminal Norte.

From The Bus Terminal (South):

Terminal Del Sur (Terminal South) has buses that predominantly serves regions in the south. El Poblado metro station is the nearest metro station and is two kilometres away from the terminal. UBER would cost between COP 6000-7000 to hostels in El Poblado.

Busses from Cali, Salento, Armenia arrives and departs from Terminal Sur.

From The Airport (Jose Maria Cordoba – MDE)

Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport is the principal airport serving Medellin. It is about 29 kilometres outside the city, in the municipality of Rio Negro.

By Mini-Bus:

The cheapest option would be to get a mini-bus to Terminal Del Norte in Medellin. Flota Rio Negro operates a green coloured mini-bus from the exit gate of the airport’s terminal building. It takes about an hour and costs COP 6000. Flota Rio Negro uses counter 1 in Terminal Del Norte.

By Airport Shuttle:

The official airport shuttle is operated by Combuses, SA.

Upon exiting the terminal, turn to your right and walk down the pavement until you see white mini-buses with green trim. They leave every 15 minutes and costs COP 10,000. The airport shuttle will drop you near the San Diego mall (first stop), or in the city centre behind the Hotel Nutibara. Parque Berrio Metro station is just a block away from Hotel Nutibara.

From Parque Berrio, you can get a Metro to El Poblado which would be the 4th station. It would cost COP 2,300.

Medellin Airport

By Airport Taxi:

Upon exiting the terminal you would find a fleet of white taxis parked. Just head to the one in the front of the line. Be sure to explain exactly where you are going to in Spanish and fix the price before getting in. It would cost between COP 70,000 – 75,000.

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  1. Thanks for showing us a different side to Medellin. Metro Medellin seems to be a good idea. I always prefer Metro services to save time and money. The tips you share are valuable. Hope to visit Medellin someday.

  2. Medellin does have an image of notoriety that needs to be shed. Of course things are not always what they are projected as and the conditions on ground zero are usually different from projections. Good of you to bust some of the myths surrounding the place and its safety through the medium of this post.

  3. I have not really heard a lot about this place except like you said the news flash. However, that is no reason to avoid the place. Glad you gave us the convenient options to get there.

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