My second day in the Mother City was nothing less charming than my first interaction with Cape Town.



I drove upto the St.James beach, known for its trademark “colourful bathing houses” lined up on the shore of the beach. Lisa, the caretaker of the beach took me around giving some insights about the bathing houses (Will have an article soon on this).




My next stop was the boulders beach, known for its Penguin colony, Boulders offered me everything that was beyond my expectation. As I pulled over to the parking, I witnessed a group of local kids dancing to the traditional folk music dressed in a traditional costume, after walking through the photogenic narrow ways, I finally got to the place from where I could see the African Penguins stunningly posing for pictures.



I then drove to the most prominent attraction of the city, Cape Of Good Hope. At the entrance I was charged a 110 ZAR as an entrance fees, after driving through the street surrounded by the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, I pulled over next to the giant gate that displayed the flags of almost all Asian Countries. I opted to start the tour by exploring the Cape Of Good Hope, before hiking towards the Cape Point. The walk  to the Cape Of Good Hope was quite tiresome, as the road that leads to the point winds through the mountain, however the view that I was rewarded with upon getting there was simply majestic.



As the sun started setting over the Atlantic ocean, I hiked swiftly towards the watch tower, known as the Cape Point, to catch the up with the last point for the day. The view was simply majestic, although the clouds started gathering then.




The drive back to the City through the dark M3 highway was quite challenging, my first stop after getting to the city was at the Italian restaurant located next the hostel, to grab a glass of their in-house red wine before unwinding the day.


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