It is often stressful to obtain a tourist visa to travel. But thankfully as Indians we are among those few fortunate countries who does not need a pre-arranged visa to travel to many countries. As I am traveling through South America now, I have curated a list of countries in the continent that we Indians can visit with no immigration hassles based on my first hand experience.





Often referred to as “Tibet” of Americas, Bolivia is the cheapest travel destination on the region. This landlocked country is home to the world’s largest salt flats, Salar de Uyunii and world’s most dangerous road. Bolivia is flocked by thousands of visitors every year.

Currency: Bolivian Bolivianos (BOB)  | BOB 1 – INR 9.8 |

Capital: La Paz

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant BOB 10 (INR 99) | 1 Litre Beer BOB 20 (INR 196) | Coffee BOB 15 (INR 147) | Transportation (Per Hour) BOB 10 (INR 99) |

Places To Visit: La Paz | Santa Cruz | Sucre | Potosi |


Located on the “equator”, Ecuador is known to the most Bio Diverse country in the world. Ecuador is home to the world’s highest volcano, Cotopaxi and Galapagos, world’s foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing.

Currency: US Dollars (USD) | USD 1 – INR 67 |

Capital: Quito

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant USD 1.5 (INR 101) | 1 Liter Beer USD 1 (INR 67) | Coffee USD 1.5 (INR 101) | Transportation (Per Hour) USD 1 (INR 67 ).

Places To Visit: Quito | Cuenca | Galapagos | Baños | Otavalo |



The only English-speaking country on the continent, Guyana is culturally connected to the Caribbean region. The country is known for its dense rain forest. The British colonial architecture is well-preserved in Georgetown, the capital city.

Currency: Guyanese Dollar (GYD) | INR 1 – GYD 3 |

Capital: Georgetown

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant GYD 1000 (INR 325) | 1 Liter Beer GYD 300 (INR 97) | Coffee GYD 646 ( INR 210) | Transportation (from) GYD 60 (INR 20)|

Places To Visit: Georgetown | Kaieteur Falls (5 X massive than Niagara falls) | Shell Beach |



Once a Dutch colony, Suriname is known for well-preserved Dutch colonial architecture and a melting-pot culture. The official language is Dutch and the country is defined by vast swaths of tropical rainforest.

Currency: Surinamese Dollar (SRD) | SRD 1 – INR 9 |

Capital: Paramaribo

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant SRD 25  (INR 229) | 1 Litre Beer SRD 6 (INR 55) | Coffee SRD 6 ( INR 55) | Transportation (Oneway Ticket) SRD 1.35 (INR 12) |

Places To Visit: Brownsberg Nature Park | Central Suriname Nature Reserve | Tafelberg, Suriname | Fort Zeelandia |

Visa On Arrival For Holders Of US Visa (Except C1 – Transit Visa) or for holders of C or D Type Schengen Visa.



Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country on Earth, home to about 10 percent of the world’s species. It’s the only country in South America with coast lines both in North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Colombia boasts all of South America’s allure.

Currency: Colombian Pesos (COP) | INR 1 – COP 44.5.

Capital: Bogota

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant COP 6,000 (INR 134.5) | 1 Liter Beer COP 2500 (INR 56) | Coffee COP 2000 ( INR 45) | Transportation (one-way ticket) COP 1800 (INR 44) |

Places To Visit: Bogota | Cali | Cartagena | Medellin | Santa Marta | Popayan |

Visa On Arrival For Holders Of US Visa (Except C1 – Transit Visa) UK Visa or Schengen Visa.


Peru is as complex as its most intricate and exquisite weavings. Festivals mark ancient rites, the urban vanguard beams innovation and nature brims with splendid diversity. From the wonder of the world Machu Picchu an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains to Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake in the world to the lush green tropical Amazons, every return is rich and surprising in the Gastronomic Capital. Click here to see the Peru Travel Guide.

Currency: Peruvian Soles (PEN) | PEN 1 – INR 20

Capital: Lima

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant PEN 5  (INR 100) | 1 Litre Beer PEN 5 (INR 100) | Coffee PEN 6 ( INR 120) | Transportation (one-way ticket) PEN 1.50 (INR 30) |

Places To Visit: Machu Picchu | Lake Titicaca | Cusco | Laguna 69 | Paracas | Lima |

Countries issuing FREE pre arranged visa.



From the world’s largest waterfalls, Iguazu in the North-East and the home of Indigenous people in the North-West to Ushuaia the town nicknamed as the “End of the World” in the South, Argentina is home to the famous Malbec and Torrontés grapes that are used to make wine.

Currency: Argentinian Pesos (ARS) | ARS 1 – INR 4.2

Capital: Buenos Aires

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant ARS 120  (INR 501) | 1 Liter Beer ARS 20 (INR 83) | Coffee ARS 35 INR 146) | Transportation (one-way ticket) ARS 6 (INR 25) |

Places To Visit: Iguazu Falls | Jujuy | Mendoza | Patagonia | Buenos Aires |



Sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America. Uruguay is known for its lush interior and beach-lined coast. The country is referred as “Switzerland” of South America, not because of the scenic beauty but for its economic stability. The cost of living is not that cheap but Uruguay is worth every penny!

Currency: Uruguayan Pesos  (UYU) | UYU 1 – INR 2.3 |

Capital: Montevideo

Cost Of Living: Meal in an in-expensive restaurant UYU 200  (INR 475) | 1 Liter Beer UYU 70 (INR 166) | Coffee UYU 84 ( INR 199) | Transportation (from) UYU 60 (INR 142) |

Places To Visit: Colonia Del Sacramento | Punta Del Este | Cabo Polonio | Punta Del Diablo | Montevideo.


Prices above are rough estimates based on my experience. Prices may vary. If you have anything to contribute for better data reliability, please leave a comment below or e-mail me on

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2 comments on “South American Countries Where Indians Can Obtain Visa On Arrival.

  1. Hello,
    Can the pre-arranged visas in Argentina and Chile be applied from their consulates in South America?
    It’s a pain for South Indians to apply the visa since we have to plan a 2 week trip to New Delhi (For the submission and personal interviews)

    • Hi Bharath,

      There is an Argentinian Consulate and a Chilean consulate in Mumbai as well. Yes, you can apply for one through their consulates in another country. Argentina Visa process is very easy, you can fix an interview at the time of document submission and the visa will be processed in 2-3 working days.

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