Vietnam is a wonderfully exotic and enticing place to visit. Its one-of-a-kind heritage and absolutely breath-taking natural beauties are what makes it stand out as an amazing travelling location. It’s a place where nothing is what it seems, and you will come across various compelling surprises that will make you want to come back again and again. It offers many thrills, from motorbiking up the Hai Van Pass, to kitesurfing on the tropical waters of Mui Ne, and hiking on the Bac Ha or Sapa hills. And once you are done with the adrenaline thrills, you can rest in some of Vietnam’s best spas that include many options, from temples that offer various treatments, to massage salons run by local families.

It’s a place of culinary delight

Vietnamese food is simply amazing. Their kitchen offers subtle flavors and a wide variety of different meals that you can feast upon. You can find many street-food tours and cooking schools all around. Different areas of Vietnam are well-known by various traits of their cuisine. The soups in the north are influenced by Chinese flavors, the south is well-known by its renowned spices, while the central coastline is famous by its herbs and complex cooking techniques. It’s an incredible experience to spend your time with villagers in the market, try out their local dishes and see everything that their markets have to offer.

Vietnam Experience

Visiting the Mekong River delta

The Mekong river delta is the best known as the “rice bowl of Vietnam”, because it’s full of stunning emerald rice paddy fields, and the fruitful lands that surround it are a wonderful showcase of Vietnam’s natural riches. Floating communities live on the river Mekong, surrounded by tropical fruits, buffaloes and amazing birdlife. Some of the places that you need to visit along the river include the Cai Rang Floating Market, which has the largest production of coconuts and exotic fruits in the area, as well as the Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve which is protected by the UNESCO, and is the location where the river flows into the South China Sea.

The delta forms narrow canals in the Thua Thua area, and flows past agricultural villages that we renowned for their coconut palms, as well as wine and whiskey. Ben Tre is a real delight for visitors who are looking for a calm and peaceful retreat. Furthermore, two religious landmarks adorn this area: the Cai Be Cathedral and the Cao Dai Temple.

Visiting the Ha Long bay

The Ha Long bay is a natural beauty listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site that is a must see for every visitor to Vietnam. It offers travellers the beauty of northern Vietnam rural villages, as well as the chance to sail next to more than 2,000 beautiful limestone islands. When you get to Halong city, you can get aboard a Chinese junk and cruise around the multitude of islands while listening about the amazing folklore that includes legends about dragons and secret treasures. There are many grottoes and amazing caves that you can come across, before you stop at a fishing village where you can learn more about local customs and try out the local cuisine.

Vietnam Experience

Vietnam’s Wine

Visiting during the Vietnam holidays is an exceptional opportunity to take a tour through its amazing vineyards and taste their amazing wines. Because of the large number of fruits that are grown locally in the region, the market is divided between fruit and grape wines. However, a local grape wine known as Vang Dalat (Dalat red wine) has become very popular with the locals because of its impeccable taste, and the fact that it is relatively affordable. It’s made from a blend of red grapes and fermented mulberry juice. Close behind are Cardinal and Chambourcin, and right after are Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Vietnam has 15 famous wine producers, and these wineries produce two million liters a year. The largest winemaker in the country is the Da Lat winery.

Vietnam Experience

Little things about Vietnam

The Vietnamese people are very friendly to tourists. You can befriend a local and share a meal with them, and they will be willing to treat you. They will refuse to take any of your money and will be honored to eat with you. It’s very easy to make a new friend.

Many people who come to Vietnam think about the war, but while you should visit the museums and educate yourself about it, keep in mind that 70% of the population was born after the war, and prefer to look forward. Acquaint yourself with the horrors of that war and move on, the same as they have.

As scary as it may seem at first, Vietnam is quite a safe place to be. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should be foolish, so keep your personal belongings close to you like you would at home. Learn a few words, like “hello” and “thank you”, and remember to smile, no matter whether you are buying from a local merchant or just walking down the street. Keep in mind that on the other side of Vietnam’s wonders is the fact that its people are poor, with the wage of a dollar a day.

Vietnam Experience

Final words

There is no place like Vietnam. While it’s still a country that is way back in the economy, it is changing. If you come with an open mind, you will experience the most out of it, allowing yourself to dive into its natural wonders, beautiful towns and enticing rural villages, and have a taste of its amazing cuisine and exquisite wine. Remember that nothing is what it seems, and be ready to educate yourself about a new culture as you travel through its milestones.

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Vietnam Experience

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