Vigan is a colonial town in the Ilocos Sur province of the Philippines. It is officially recognised as one of the new 7 wonders city and is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines where its structures are intact. Vigan is well known for its cobblestone streets.

These are the 10 things you must experience in Vigan.

Stroll Through The Calle Crisologo Street:

Also known as the “Vigan Heritage Village”, Calle Crisologo has led Vigan’s inscription in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The 500 meters cobblestoned street is lined with Spanish Era ancestral houses and has five short blocks crossing the street.

Calle Cisologo


Ride On A Kalesa:

Move back to the Spanish era and explore the heritage city on the horse driven carriage, locally known as Kalesa. A Kalesa could be hired on an hourly basis from Calle Crisologo Street or near the main square, Plaza Salcedo. There could be no better way to explore Vigan than riding on a Kalesa.




Visit The Vigan Dancing Fountain:

The dancing fountain in Plaza Salcedo is a must visit to witness the amazing fusion of water and light dancing in the middle of the street. The one hour show starts every evening at seven. Try to get there a bit earlier to find a place as it usually gets crowded.

10 Things To Do In Vigan

Get Lost In The Hidden Garden:

As the name suggests, the hidden garden is secluded from the city. It has a relaxing ambience. You can buy some plants or savour some Ilocano delicacies at the restaurant inside.

10 Things To Do In Vigan

Try Your Hands On Moulding A Pot At Pagburnayan Pottery:

Pagburnayan in Vigan is well known for potteries. An experience that would be unique and memorable. A potter would be happy to demonstrate his skills and could even walk you through the pottery.


Visit The Baluarte Zoo:

Baluarte zoo is privately owned by a local politician Chavit Singson. The zoo depicts his pride, as all the animals are owned by him. A lot of animals roam around freely through the walking areas. There are no entrance fees to the zoo and the doors are open every day from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

10 Things To Do In Vigan

Enjoy The Picturesque Backdrop At The Bantay Bell Tower:

The Bantay Church and Bell Tower could be reached in 20 minutes by walk from the iconic Calle Crisologo. The Church is among the oldest churches in the region.  The neo-gothic façade of the church is designed to be resplendent and reminiscent of Spanish architecture.

Bantay, in Spanish means to guard. The town is named after the belfry. During the Spanish era, the bell tower was used as a watchtower for raiding pirates.

10 things to do in Vigan

Watch The Sunset At The Mindoro Beach:

The quaint Mindoro beach is located 5 kilometres to the south of the city centre. The beach is usually less crowded and its the best place to watch the sun setting over the blue water of the South China Sea.

10 Things To Do In Vigan

Savour Some Local Delicacies At The Vigan Public Market:

Vigan is famous for Longanisa (native pork sausages) and bagnet (deep-fried crispy pork). The market sprawls in the evening. It is located at the city centre.

10 Things To Do In Vigan

Snack Some Empanadas:

Empanada is a deep fried stuffing of meat, cheese and vegetables in the rice dough. Something that you can’t afford to miss while in Vigan.

10 things to do in Vigan


11 comments on “10 Things To Do In Vigan

  1. Oh no! We were in the Philippines a couple of months ago but missed Vigan. Unfortunately, we had not even heard of it before today. 🙁 This gives us a good reason to go back and visit the Philippines again!

  2. I’ve yet to visit The Philippines but posts like this one just stir up that wanderlust. Vigan looks like a neat town to check out. The cobblestone streets and stained glass windows look cool. Intrigued the dinosaur statues in the zoo.

  3. Season’s Greetings! I’ve not yet been to the Philippines, so have never heard of Vigan. You’ve made it look quite enticing. Hopefully I will visit in the future.

  4. Love your pictures. Never heard of Vigan, it’s nuts how it is SO European even though it is in the Philippines, I didn’t expect that influence to be so strong! Great list of things to do!

  5. I would definitely like to try these , especially a pot moulding…by the way, didn’t know horse driven carriage, is locally known as Kalesa here. Learnt something new from your post 🙂

  6. I’d love to travel on a Kalesa in Vigan! Such a cute way to get around such a picturesque city. I think looking at, as well as actually doing some pottery would be great.

  7. I love old colonial towns, and this one looks a beauty.

    It’s just a shame that many of your suggestions don’t really focus on the towns colonial past!

    I was surprised to see the Empanada make an appearance in the Philippines too!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris, as a matter of fact this post is focused on “10 things to do in Vigan”

  8. superlike ….now I’m quite familiar with this place…’Vigan’

    • Thanks Himanshu, you gtta travel there and witness the historic Spanish architecture preserved there. You will certainly appreciate the beauty of the place.

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