Eager to take on your next solo trip into the unknown or simply to escape the ever-present noise of the urban life? Make sure to include some of the following experiences onto your travel checklist and brace yourself for some thrilling memory-making!

#1 Vienna’s timeless charm

solo travel ideas

One of the safest and easiest to navigate, the city of Vienna is a true European gem. With many world-renowned museums, concert halls and historically relevant locations, spending time exploring its streets feels like time has stopped. Make sure to the Belvedere complex and the Schönbrunn palace, along with the adjacent zoo, but the nature wealth in the surrounding area of the city is equally mesmerizing for a quick excursion.

#2 Trekking through Nepal

solo travel ideas

If you’re an experienced traveller, then this will be right up your alley. Nepal’s magnificent scenery and rich culture are perfect for an adventurous trek, so make sure to find a perfect route depending on your experience and endurance levels – from the famous Everest Base Camp Trek to the Manaslu Circuit trek, there’s something to every taste and ability. You’ll be able to see first-hand some of the most wonderful cultural heritage sites, villages where locals reside, and you’ll come across their stunning Buddhist monasteries.

solo travel ideas

#3 New Zealand’s enchanting wilderness

solo travel ideas

The Lord of the Rings filming location sure has many people visiting all year-round, but their friendly locals, close-knit community and breathtaking nature are the main allure of the country. Although very remote, it’s still a popular destination for both travel groups and the lone wolf, so you’ll likely come across many other tourists during your travels. Head to New Zealand for incredible canyoning, whitewater rafting and hikes beyond your wildest imagination!

#4 Peaceful Scandinavia

solo travel ideas

Labeled as one of the safest locations for solo travellers, the distant north is known for its wide variety of travel options: you can head straight to Stockholm in Sweden, explore the fjords of Norway, or travel to Denmark to find out what hygge is all about. However, make sure to bring waterproof footwear and don’t forget to wear layers. They might have a warm culture, but their weather can be pretty chill!

#5 Sailing the Canary Islands

solo travel ideas

For those with the guts of steel and a love for the open sea, why not treat yourself to an adventure of a lifetime sailing around the Canary Islands for a week of land-less life? For first-timers, there are two-day teaching courses available to prep you, but you might want to consider bringing your trusty Go Travel Acustrap to reduce motion sickness once you’re on the waves.

#6 Walk the wall of China

solo travel ideas

The world’s largest fortification and a marvel, the Great Wall of China is still as popular a destination as ever, even for those travelling alone. No matter when you go, there will always be people flocking to walk the wall, and dozens of them taking selfies – don’t be afraid to stay close to someone, or simply join one of many tour groups you’ll come across, although there are less crowded spots that a local guide can show you. This is certainly on your bucket list, so don’t be afraid to take the journey on your own.

#7 Cycle in Morocco

solo travel ideas

A blend of a warm climate, mountainous wealth, stunning beaches and ancient culture, Morocco doesn’t need any special introduction to attract visitors. But instead of the typical vacation style of travel and a one-way ticket to their golden shoreline, a cycling adventure down the Anti Atlas Mountains while staying in some of their best accommodation and challenging yourself with a week of rugged terrains, sizzling sun and enjoying an unparalleled view.

#8 A serenity retreat in Spain

solo travel ideas

Yogis and potential yogis love this wonderful, hidden nook in the embrace of the Las Alpujarras region in Spain, where yoga-lovers from all over the world gather to enjoy the spectacular scenery, delicious local food and cleanse their souls from the city struggles. It’s also a wonderful region for horseback riding and walks in nature, so you’ll have various options to enrich your time.

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