Hi! I am Ram

Explorer, Adventurer and Thrill-Seeker


I am a man with a restless feet. I grew up in Mumbai (India) and then left home to chase my dream as an Aviator with one of the reputed airlines in the world. I had already been to over 25 countries while working for the airline for 6 years. The ostensible and routine lifestyle started enervating me.

As Micheal Palin said “Once the travel bug bites there is no antidote and I know I shall happily be infected till the end of my life” this is exactly what happened to me. I decided to free my self from all the disparities and flapped my wings to live the life I always dreamt of.

I love seeking adventurous trips. I have been at a gun point in Brazil, was involved in a serious accident while mountain biking in Laos, have jumped from the world’s tallest bungee bridge in South Africa, have explored the most cruelest place on earth “Danakil Depression” in Ethiopia. If there is an adventure involved, you will find me there. I believe in an old saying “Life without challenge is like a body without soul.” I love traveling on the untraveled or the least traveled roads.

I am on a mission to travel as many countries as possible and Backpackways is a platform through which I intend to take you on my journeys through posts and pictures.

See you in some corner of the world, Keep Exploring.

Sreeram Hariharan (Ram)

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Featured Newspaper Interview
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