The website of the Australian government considers a beach to be any stretch of land by the sea that is stretching on at least 20m. It also needs to remain dry during the high tide. If you take into consideration, you can count roughly 10 600 beaches along the Australian coastline (the Coastal Studies Unit at the University of Sydney). Once you learn this, you will not be surprised to learn that Australia has the entire culture of beach life. Here are the most favorite beach activities for many Australians.


It is not a wonder that the Australian beaches are called the surfer’s paradise. Almost any beach that you can think of has conditions for beginner surfers and the experienced surfers alike. The surfer culture is very big and growing every day. The best surfing beaches on the East side of Australia are Kirra Point and Burleigh Head. That is the Pacific coast of Australia and this is the Surfer’s Paradise. The nightlife is as vibrant as the wave hunting throughout the day. West coast boasts the places like Scarborough Beach and Trig and Brighton Beaches. West coast is on the Indian Ocean and your best bet is to try catching the waves in the morning. The South Coast has a great beach for pros which may not be the best place for beginners. It is the Jan Juc. Everybody else will be better off at the Bells Beach.

Beach Activities
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Diving and Snorkeling

Three magical words resonate in the minds of all snorkelers and divers worldwide: the Great Barrier Reef. This jaw dropping system of corals offer magnificent experience to everybody that decides to visit it and enjoy it. It has thousands of corals and over 600 types of them. Not to mention the rich marine life, there for you to observe it. Besides the Great Barrier Reef, each of the beaches in Australia offers a fun snorkeling experience, so it is high on the list of activities in the Land Down Under.

Beach Activities
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Manly Beach and the Northern Beaches are the best places for this activity. You can tell this by the length of the pathways and bike tracks. These tracks around the Pittwater beach have more than 270 km in length. All you need is a good and high quality cycling gear. The cycling waves near the beach are uninterrupted and well-marked, so no need to worry about getting on the way of the pedestrians.

Beach Activities
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One of the favorite pastimes of many Aussies is the famous barbie. They do it in the backyards, in parks and, naturally, on the beaches. This outdoor activity is so popular that it sneaked in the pop culture. The saying “shrimp on the barbie” is a line from the commercial made by the Australian Tourism Commission. It is used to describe a nice social gathering beside the barbecue.

Beach Activities

The last but, by no means the least, of the activities that you can do on a beach. If you are on a Coogee Beach, you will notice a big shelf with lots of books. That is a public library that will add some more value and quality to your sunbathing experience. The idea started on Coogee, but now has spread to many Australian beaches, as people responded well to it.



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