Packing is always the worst part when it comes to traveling. Some people love packing only because it gives that impression that you are soon going on a trip, which, of course, is a great thing and feeling, but then again, there are those moments during which we simply sit on the bed thinking “what the Hell am I going to pack now”. Proof that we actually do not know how to pack is the fact that we always end up taking too much stuff with us. On the other hand, there are those business trips that are somewhat different. When it comes to business trip, you have to think about the attire, think about the activities that you will be doing, and also think about the hotel, where you will have your meetings, what equipment you need to take with you, and such. If you have a business trip and you do not know what to pack and how to make the packing process as painless as possible, here you go:



The first thing that a person needs to think about when it comes to a business trip is accommodation. You will probably have your hotel booked by the time you get there, but it is important to think about all the details before you (or your company) actually book the hotel. Take a minute to do some research on the facilities near your hotel, see if the places you are supposed to have your meetings at are within walking distance or if they’re well-connected by public transport, and, of course, see where you will be eating and walking. All of these things matter – you might be traveling because of business, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun (or at least have the option to).



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When it comes to the clothes that you will be wearing, think about the necessities. The size of your suitcase will depend on the number of days you will be spending on your business trip, but you need to have at least two casual combinations – one for traveling, and one in case you need to be a bit more casual (such as while sightseeing). Apart from that, have formal clothes that you will wear in your meetings. What you shouldn’t forget are the accessories, as these can make or break your outfit. In order to come off as more powerful, choose the right accessories, such as a statement watch. There are plenty of watches on the market, but choosing a unique and powerful one such as a fashionable and modern automatic watch is definitely what you need. Make sure to bring both long and short-sleeved clothes as you never know what weather to expect.


Public transport

Public transport is one of the many unknown things when you are in a new country. You never know where to catch the bus, what buses and trams go where, how much the ticket is, where to buy it and such. The best thing would be to acquaint yourself with the public transport system of the country you are going to before you actually get there. Then, make sure to research the routes that the buses and trams go. Of course, there is always the option of Uber or a taxi, but make sure to know all the prices beforehand.



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Once you finish with your clothes and once you have your accommodation booked, write down all the necessities that you have to take with you. This includes your passport, accommodation confirmation, and plane tickets. Next up, think about the things that you will need while there. Do not forget your laptop, or the thing that is in the top five commonly forgotten things to pack – the charger. Put these in your suitcase first and take a photo of it just to make sure you have them with you. If you need anything else, make sure to write it down before you start packing. This is why making a checklist a couple of weeks before the trip is a good idea – this way, you will make sure to bring everything with you.


Packing for business trips is very similar to regular trips, but without the possibility of going out whenever you need to buy something you forgot. You won’t have a lot of time going around the city and sightseeing, let alone going shopping in case you forgot to bring something with you. This is why checklists rock, and let this one be the one for you. 

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