Most of us are used to a routine life. Don’t get me wrong; routines are what keep us organized, and there is nothing wrong in working according to a fixed schedule. But once in a while, it is necessary to break free of it and give yourself a fun challenge. Moreover, camping will provide you with a break from the mechanical and technological lifestyle.

If you have ever done camping before, you would very well know how much planning it takes to make the trip a success. Sometimes, no matter how excited you are, packing for camping can be a little overwhelming. Well, don’t be intimidated. Be it your first time or a millionth time, keep in mind that camping is a fun activity. If you plan it right, it is going to be an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Keeping this in mind let us take a look at some ways to make camping a cheerful experience.


1. Camping gear

Even though camping is one of the most fun and memorable experiences ever, it can get a little daunting before the actual trip. What to pack, which tents are the best, etc. are some of the things that keep lingering in your mind until the last minute. Remember, you are there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sleep under the stars, relax, and have a lovely time with your companions. For that, you don’t need to pack as if you are moving your whole house. Storage bins, a sleeping bag, matches, TP, propane, and some two people tents are mostly sufficient.

2. Camping menu

When you plan all your meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and desserts) well in advance, you are saved from a lot of headache in the long run. Start preparing what you cook comfortably can at home. You will be thankful later when you don’t have to marinate meats and chop veggies on your trip. Look for various camping meal recipes online and get to work!

3. Coolers and water jugs

I can’t stress enough the importance of carrying ample amount of water on a camping trip. You are going to have a lot of fun and adventure. That will lead to more exhaustion. So, to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated, carry large jugs of water. For more extended camping trips do not forget to pack a cooler to keep the food items fresh and the water cold.

4. The perfect setting

The perfect setting for a camp is amidst nature. Avoid concrete at all costs. Think about it. You are going away from the city to experience the peace of nature along with some crazy adventure. It should feel different from your regular surroundings. You can also use some battery powered tiny rope lights as they give a beautiful ambiance to your tent. On the last day of your trip don’t forget to take notes of what you liked and what you didn’t about the campsite. This will help you make a firm decision on your next trip.

5. Know how to start a fire

First and foremost, learn about fire hazards and safety before your trip. There are many methods of starting a fire, the easiest one being petroleum coated cotton balls. However, different methods work for different weather conditions so make sure you gain plenty of information beforehand. Consider it mandatory to teach children about various fire hazards and how to deal with them well in advance. Assign them the work of collecting wood and organizing it by size. That way they won’t feel left out. Make sure that an adult handles all the kindling. Keep an extra stack for unpredictable weather conditions or a bonus day that wasn’t planned before.

6. Cleanliness of the campsite

Proper hygiene and sanitation is an essential part of our lives. Don’t forget it while you are camping. In order to avoid pathogenic germs make sure that your garbage bin is away from your camp. By ensuring proper cleanliness, you can even preserve your food for a longer duration.

7. Camera and lots of games!

This is a memorable experience that you are going to cherish throughout your life. Make sure you capture the special moments with a good quality camera. Pack as many games as you can. You can also make your DIY games. Afterall, it’s all about the recreation!

I hope that by following the steps mentioned above, you will make the most out of your next trip. Happy camping!

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Martin is a freelance writer and a traveler who aspires to see the world one day. He cherishes about writing positive things and spreading positive thoughts. His motto is – “When you think positive, good things happen.” In his free time, you can find him learning about new tech and innovations.


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