New Caldeonia

Imagine a country with an urban flair, indigenous heritage, tropical atmosphere and awe-inspiring scenery. Not only is New Caledonia all of the above, but it’s everything you’ve ever dreamt of! With its vibrant culture, out-of-this-world beaches and low-profile status, New Caledonia is a piece of paradise right in the South Pacific Ocean. Whether you’re looking for an adventure of your lifetime or a relaxed, dreamy vacation, you will meet your heart’s desires right here in New Caledonia.

Melanesian heritage with a French flair

New Caledonia

New Caledonia features a vibrant culture that represents a mixture of its Melanesian heritage and French influences. As a French territory, this country certainly has that recognisable cosmopolitan flair that we all know and love. However, what certainly gives New Caledonia an authentic charm are the traces of its traditional culture that you can experience yourself. At Tjibaou Cultural Centre, you can immerse yourself in the enticing indigenous Kanak culture, as well as have a glimpse of the Pacific art. New Caledonia’s modern atmosphere has a traditional vibe that gives it a distinct, enchanting character.

Flavourful tastes for every foodie

New Caledonia

Every avid foodie will be simply seduced by New Caledonia’s exquisite flavours. Just like its diverse culture, this country’s cuisine combines French cooking techniques with tropical ingredients – a recipe for a truly gastronomic experience. New Caledonia will give you a taste of France right in the Pacific Ocean, combining the best of both worlds. From local seafood specialities to iconic French croissants, macaroons, baguettes and eclairs, you’ll simply lose yourself in the flavours of New Caledonia. In Nouméa, the country’s vibrant capital, you can relax in the ambience of haute restaurants. If you’re a wine connoisseur, Le Pavillon des Vins will be your haven, with its wide selection of exquisite French wines. Finally, chocolate lovers can satisfy their cravings, too, with delicious French treats with South Pacific twists.

Water activities for the adventurous

New Caldeonia

New Caledonia’s clear waters are perfect for aquatic adventures, offering some of the best snorkelling spots and diving opportunities. You simply won’t be able to resist the allure of New Caledonia’s waves that will promise you a true adventure. From diving, snorkelling and swimming to kayaking, (wind) surfing, jet skiing and parasailing, you’ll constantly be on the move. For a moment of tranquillity and serenity, sit back and enjoy the view of the setting sun against the peaceful waters.

Heavenly natural havens

New Caldeonia

New Caledonia is a true piece of heaven on earth, featuring out-of-this-world natural beauties. The awe-inspiring vista of turquoise waters against white beaches and lush vegetation will mesmerise you the moment you lay your eyes on this magical land. Quite simply, New Caledonia is a paradise destination and a popular stop for some of the most inspiring island cruises. To be more precise, more than 250 cruise liners visit New Caledonia’s home ports every year. And what awaits them? Stretches of soft, white sand, endless blue horizons and the largest lagoon in the world encircled by the second largest coral reef. The Isle of Pine is one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific, while the Heart of Voh is simply awe-inspiring.

Crème-de-la-crème shopping experience

new caledonia

Where there’s French cuisine, there’s Parisian shopping, too. Rarely will you have an opportunity to visit such high-end, haute boutiques right in the middle of a tropical setting. After relaxing and basking in the sun, you can hit the streets of La Place des Cocotiers in Nouméa, the centre of all things chic in New Caledonia. For the best bargains, you should visit the Quartier Latin, while the old districts of Vallée des Colons and Vallée du Tir will charm you with their colonial atmosphere. From sophisticated boutiques with French brands to local shops with an island-inspired ambience, shopping in New Caledonia is a truly unique experience.

Whether it comes to natural beauties, cosmopolitan experiences or traditional vibes, New Caledonia will charm you with its splendour.

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