Granted, Paris is one of the most romantic, if not the ultimate romantic city in the world. Still, the rest of France should never be neglected, as there is so much beauty to see outside the country’s capital. Now, as wonderful as these places are, we’re not taking you on just a simple tour of France. No, we’re embarking on a journey to reveal the best-kept secrets of the country – their exquisite wines. Perhaps we won’t get the chance to know exactly how they make them – they’re not a secret for no reason. Still, we will be able to discover where to scout for the finest wines in the world, and perhaps become true connoisseurs.

Loire Valley

The underrated gems   

Perhaps one of the most underestimated and overlooked French wine regions is the Loire Valley region. People are drawn to it because of the gorgeous castles that look like something one might only see in a fairytale, but often forget, or fail to come to know the fact that this is the home of some of the finest wines. In fact, this region is the home of 4000 wineries. All of them produce a variety of wines that will cater to every and any pallet. You have the zestful white wines, the astonishingly refreshing rosé and the kind of red that will make every fruity wine-lover fall head over heels. Finally, there are the sweet and sparkling wines that could easily give the famous champagne a run for its money.  


The name says it all

What you will usually find in the travel guides when you look for the Burgundy region is something along the lines that it’s renowned for its wine. Well, it definitely is, as even the name of the region implies it. The wines coming from such villages as Chablis and Nuits-St-Georges are famous all over the world. Still, if you want to find the absolute best wineries, you may not be able to do so by yourself, as these villages aren’t exactly easy to explore alone – wine-wise. This is why people go for guided tours of France, especially when they want to discover something regular tourists just can’t, especially since this region’s wine-producing area is almost 300 km long, stretching from Joigny in Yonne to Mâcon en Saône et Loire. The five esteemed vineyards produce the most famous red and white wines that any person who loves wine will absolutely appreciate and cherish; there’s a reason they’re famous.


Landscape and more

The gorgeous hilltops, the scenic walking routes and the most amazing and picturesque landscape are not the only things you can hope to experience in the magical Provence and it’s lulled slumber-like villages. There are precisely four specific wines that you simply have to try while here, so you might as well either dig deep, make friends with a local or put yourself in the hands of professional guides if you want to hunt all four of them. The first is the Côtes de Provence Rosé, which is specific due to a strong fruity flavor, which is thanks to a mixture of strawberry and lemon zest, sweet cherries and white peaches, as well as plum, brioche and wild flowers. Even those who aren’t real wine lovers will not be able to resist the rich and fruity taste of this rose. Next is Bandol Rouge, whose main ingredients include black cherry, blackberry, brambles, sage, black pepper, smoked chocolate, licorice root – definitely an enticing mixture of flavors to which the smoked chocolate gives a unique kick. Another rose is the Tibouren Rosé, slightly different than the first one. The orange peel and preserved lemon give it stronger and zestier taste than that of the first one, but it’s there for those who prefer zestier drinks. Finally, coming from Provence is the Cassis – made of white peach, preserved lemon, yellow apple, honeysuckle, and spiced up with hay and salted almond. Naturally, it’s a white wine, and if we might say so, one that will satisfy the palate of even the pickiest of wine lovers.


One, but enough

If you find yourself fascinated with the Normandy region, and want to visit it for the sake of its historical importance, by all means, there is plenty to see. Now, this region is famous for many things, but large vineyards and wineries aren’t one of them. In fact, Normandy is home to only one vineyard – Arpents du Soleil, but that’s more than enough. This is one of those vineyards that produces just the most excellent wines, so not everything is in quantity. We will list the wines that come from this one little place and you will be convinced of this as soon as you hear the names. Do words such as Melon de Bourgogne, Auxerrois, Pinot Noir, Muller-Thurgau and Pinot Gris ring any bells? We thought so. Yes, they all come from Normandy, so along with all other sights, having a taste of your world-famous wine of choice right in its place of making is worth the trip alone.

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