Getting from the Airport:

Cusco, known to many as the gateway to the wonder of the world Machu Picchu, is served by Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ) which is connected to major Peruvian cities Lima, Arequipa, Juliaca and Puerto Maldonado and Bogota (Colombia) and La Paz (Bolivia) on International routes which are served by Amaszonas and Peruvian Airlines to and from La Paz and Avianca in and out of Bogota.

Cusco airport is quite small which makes it easier and quicker to walk out of the terminal upon arrival. Its located 5 kilometres away from Centro Historico (Historic Center) which is the prime attraction and home to many hostels and restaurants.


By Taxi:

The easiest way to reach the historic centre is by taxi. Taxis in Cusco don’t run on meter, always fix the price before getting into one. Normally it costs S/.10-15. If you can’t find one for this price just walk 50 meters to the left where the departure terminal is you will easily find one that has come to drop passengers. These taxi drivers have to return to the centre and would usually look for a customer and would offer a cheaper ride.

Public Transport:

Combis are cheap and reliable. They are small buses with names like Correo Caminos, Batman, Satellite etc. You can get a combi to the historic centre from the street outside the airport. As you exit the airport, turn right, you would find a small bus stop. Combis are relatively safer and would cost S/.0.80 for a one way ride around the city.


Getting from the Bus Station:

Cusco is well linked by busses from major Peruvian cities and Lapaz and Copacabana in Bolivia. Most of these busses terminate at the main bus station Terminal Terrstre which is located 2.4 kilometers away from Centro Historico. You could get to the Historic Center by a 20 minutes walk along Avenida Sol to Micaeda Bastidason. A 10 minutes taxi ride would cost not more than 8 soles.

Cruz Del Sur, busses usually terminate at their own bus terminal which is located approximately 700 meters away from the main bus station. The bus station is accessible by foot and taxi (S/.6) or collectivo (S/.0.80).

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