If you do not choose to stay overnight inside or around the Johannesburg Airport Terminal after landing in Johannesburg, there are a number of options for getting from the airport to the city centre. You have a variety of alternatives, from hiring a car or taking a Johannesburg airport taxi, Uber, or hotel transportation. 

The distance between the International Airport and the city is 23 km, and a cab ride takes about 40 minutes at a cost of roughly $40 which equates to 600 ZAR.

The cheapest method to get there is by railway, which costs $12 (178 ZAR) and takes approximately 30 minutes. You may either hire a vehicle or arrange for private transportation from Johannesburg Airport.

Johannesburg Airport

Let’s take a closer look at the alternatives:

1. Train:

Although Johannesburg’s public transportation infrastructure is lacking, the Gautrain links several terminals in Gauteng’s large cities and ties those destinations to the Johannesburg airport.

The train is the most cost-effective mode of transportation from the Airport to the city core. Between 4:50 am to 10 pm, the Gautrain runs every 12-20 minutes

The train from Airport arrives at Sandton Station, where you may transfer to the Red Line at Park Station.

Johannesburg Airport

2. Johannesburg airport taxi:

There is no scheduled airport taxi service at Johannesburg Airport. There are several cab alternatives to select from though. In Johannesburg, many cabs do not have meters. If you decide to take either of these cabs, make absolutely sure you settle on a price prior you leave. It is highly recommended to choose Johannesburg Airport Taxi.

The cost of a cab varies based on the route and period of the day. To get an idea of how much a cab between Johannesburg towards the city centre could cost, the basic fare is $40, plus $0.65 each km. 

Johannesburg airport taxi

3. Uber or Bolt:

In South Africa, using mobile applications to arrange transportation is a fairly common choice. Booking a taxi from the Airport to various regions in the city centre would cost you a lot of money. You can expect a cost of around $30- $40.

Johannesburg airport taxi

4. Car Rental:

In Johannesburg’s airport, there are a variety of automobile rental services. If you have a parking spot in Johannesburg, this is the most convenient alternative. A private vehicle will take you 40 minutes to travel. At the airport, there are several rental car firms such as Hertz, Avis, and Centauro. Prices range from $35-$45 per day.

If you’re travelling with a group or have a lot of equipment and want to see some of Johannesburg’s sights, renting a car is a good alternative. Make sure you have a parking spot in your accommodation or Airbnb, as parking in Johannesburg may be difficult at times.

If you’re visiting alone and on a tight budget, the easiest method to go from the Johannesburg runway to the city centre is by train, which costs about 12 dollars.  If you are going in a group or prefer more luxury, an airport taxi or individual transit to your Johannesburg lodging location might be less expensive than a cab.

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