It’s easier to cross the Peru-Bolivia border from Puno, there are hundreds of travellers who cross the border daily, with no hassle. Keep yourself updated with the Bolivian entry requirements and transport timings from Puno, Peru.

There are two points for crossing the Peru-Bolivian border, Yunguyo-Kasani and Desaguadero.

Time Difference:

There is one hour time difference between Bolivia and Peru. Bolivia is an hour ahead of Peru.

Puno To Copacabana / La Paz (Yunguyo – Kasani):

Yunguyo-Kasani is easily and safely accessible from both countries. This route offers a spectacular view of Lake Titicaca.

If you’re planning on visiting the Sun and Moon Islands on the Bolivian side of the lake, this would be an ideal option.

The Bolivian immigration office in Kasani is open from 0830 to 1930.

Tour Peru, Tur Bus and Trans Titicaca Bus are among the reliable bus companies operating on this route. Trans Titicaca Bus leaves from Puno at 0730 and 1400 while Tour Peru just departs once a day, at 0730 in the morning. You can only buy Tour Peru ticket online through

Puno to Yungyo:

Be at the bus terminal at least 30 minutes before departure. You will have to pay the terminal tax (PEN 2.50) at a small counter in the center of the terminal building, you would need to present the receipt along with your ticket and passport while boarding, where you would be given the immigration forms. Most busses will have a guide on-board who will assist you in filling these forms.

There are three forms:

  1. Immigration Form.
  2. Customs Declaration form with a copy attached.
  3. TAM- Tarjeta Andina de Migración (which you will be required to produce while exiting Bolivia)

The bus would stop just before the immigration check-point next to a shop where you can exchange the currency. Know the exchange rate before exchanging some US Dollars / Peruvian Soles to Bolivianos. There is also a small shop next to the Peruvian Immigration office where you could get better rate and there are many shops in Copacabana giving better rates than those in Peru.

Travel Time – 3.5 Hours 

Yungyo to Kasani:

At the Peruvian immigration office you would need to present your passport and the immigration card (if arrived by land). Once you get the exit stamp, walk towards an arch (which separates Peru and Bolivia) you would find the Bolivian immigration office to your left. Make sure that your forms are properly filled and signed before you walk-in, you can ask the guide/driver of the bus if you need assistance in filling.

Travel Time – 30 Minutes 

Kasani to Copacabana:

Route from Kasani to Copacabana offers captivating views of Lake Titicaca. The bus would terminate next to Plaza Sucre, which is a few blocks away from major hostels in town.

Travel Time – 45 Minutes

Route Overview:

  • Puno To Yunguyo | 3.5 Hours |
  • Yunguyo To Kasani | 30 Minutes |
  • Kasani to Copacabana | 45 Minutes |
  • Total Travel Time | 4 hours and 45 Minutes |
  • Total Cost | PEN 30 / BOB 63 |

peru bolivia border crossingPeru bolivia border crossing


Puno To La Paz (Desaguadero):

This would be quite a challenging experience. Desaguadero crossing is the cheapest option. Travellers who are on a visa run use this route. Most goods, legal and smuggled, pass through this border.

Puno to Desaguadero:

There are mini busses called as collectivos, leaving regularly from the corner of Bolivar street and 1 De Mayo, couple of blocks away from the bus terminal in Puno. It takes 4 hours from Puno to Desagudero. The collectivo stops at the center of Desaguadero in view of the immigration office.

Travel Time: 4 Hours | Cost: PEN 8 |

Crossing The Border:

Immigration check points are located in the end of the Desaguadero bridge on both sides. Upon finishing the exit formalities on the Peruvian side just walk across the bridge into Bolivia where your passport would be stamped and you would be granted a 30 days permit and TAM, depending on your nationality.

Travel Time: 20-30 Minutes | Cost: NIL |

Desaguadero To La Paz:

Upon leaving the immigration office, look for a collectivo to La Paz. They won’t leave untill they are full. It normally takes 4 hours to reach La Paz. The last collectivo leaves at 5 in the evening.

Journey Time: 4 Hours | Cost: BOB 18 |

The passport control in Desaguadero is open from 0830-1230 and 1400-2045.

Route Overview:

  • Puno to Desaguadero | 4 Hours | PEN 8 |
  • Crossing the Border | 30 Minutes | NIL |
  • Desaguadero to La Paz | 4 Hours | PEN 9 / BOB 18 |
  • Total Travel Time: 8 Hours and 30 Minutes |
  • Total Cost: PEN 17 |


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peru bolivia border crossing



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