Spend a day hiking at Valle De Cocora

Valle De Cocora is one of the prime attractions in Salento. It’s known for the country’s national tree, wax palms. It houses the tallest palm in the world, growing up to 60 meters.

Getting There: Willy’s Jeep leave from the main square at  6:10, 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning and takes around 30 minutes.

Cost: Transport – COP 3,800 Per Person | Entrance to the Park – COP 2000 |

Valle De Cocora Salento Colombia Palm Trees


Explore Ruta De Cafe:

Salento is the hub for the country’s gem. The region is flooded with numerous coffee farms. Walk or bike through the Ruta de Café. Two renowned farms are Don Elias and El Ocaso.

Getting There: From the centre of town, cross the yellow bridge and keep walking straight. You will see signs of “DON ELIAS” along the way. It takes around 1 hour through the serene countryside.

Cost: Don Elias – COP 8000 | El Ocaso – 15000 |

Colombia Coffee Salento Backpackways

Get closer to nature at Cascada Santa Rita

One of the gems of Salento is Cascada Santa Rita. The waterfall is nestled in a village called Boquia just a few miles away from Salento. The trail runs along a river flanked by steep mountain foothills offering striking views.

Getting There: Take a bus towards Pereira or Armenia and get down at Boquia, a rustic little village on the foot-hills of Salento. The trail begins right next to the yellow bridge.

Cost: Bus from Salento-Boquia – COP 1000 | Entrance to the falls – COP 5000 |

Waterfall Colombia Salento Backpackways

Stroll through Calle Real

Calle Real is one of the prominent attractions in Salento. Calle Real is lined with restaurants and local craft stalls housed in picturesque colourful colonial houses. The road leads to the flight of steps which get to the Alto de Cruz.

Getting There: Calle Real is the main street right next to the cathedral of Salento.

Calle Real Salento Colombia - Backpackways

Visit the View Point

See the stunning beauty of Salento, Cocora Valley and many of the mountains of the Los Nevados National Natural Park from the mirador alto de la cruz. There are six flights of 40 steps each so it is accessible to everyone. It is also the stage of the Procession at Easter.

Getting There: Continue on Calle Real where you would see a flight of stairs rising towards the view-point.

Cost: N/A

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Play Tejo:

Tejo is a traditional Colombian game, where the player throws a metal disc (after which the game is named)  across an alley aiming at a wooden frame that holds mechas which are triangle-shaped envelopes with gunpowder in it which explodes loudly creating a sound similar to the one created by a small revolver upon firing.

Where to Play: Los Amigos is located on Carerra 4, two streets north of Calle Real.

Cost: This is a play as you drink place. They only sell beer. Every player has to purchase a bottle for COP 3500.

Tejo Salento Colombia

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