If you are an inexperienced tourist and are planning a trip to Europe, then our advice will be useful to you. We will not reveal extraordinary secrets, but we want to help prepare and make your journey as comfortable as possible. Of course, everything in Europe is well organized, accessible, understandable and easy, but without good training, even here you can get into trouble. We hope that these tips will help everyone to get pleasure from the journey.

Planning Is the Key to Your Comfort

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It’s not even important that you already know where to go. You should understand that the comfort of the trip depends on the previous training. It’s best to think in advance how you will get to your destination. You should also find where you will live, and when museums work. The other important thing is to know how to get from the city to the airport, bus or railway station.

If you plan to visit museums or any other attractions, it is also better to buy tickets in advance. You can do everything at home by pressing a few buttons. This trick often saves money and time. It is also worth looking for discounts or cards that allow you to visit several different places with savings.

Book All In Advance

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We have already begun to talk about this in the previous section, but it will never be superfluous to repeat. This applies to housing, and car rentals, and plane tickets, and pay for some entertainment. Experts and experienced travellers think that it is worth looking for and booking in 60 days. Of course, it is possible before, when there is a great offer, but this term is optimal. If you choose a popular European direction (Berlin, Paris or London), whether you are planning your holiday this tip will be especially relevant.

Compare Low-Cost and Standard Airlines

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In some cases, it is worth buying a ticket for a direct flight, which already includes luggage, or a small snack during the flight. In standard carriers, there are also promotions, and the miles you collect during trips can turn into a nice bonus. Therefore, compare the prices always, taking into account your wishes over time, comfort and financial opportunities.

Low-cost airlines, if:

  • you are flying with a small backpack,
  • without a transfer,
  • you have a short time in the reserve,
  • you are not very important departure days.

Standard airlines, if:

  • you plan to fly for a long time,
  • with luggage,
  • want to choose specific dates.

Walk On Foot More

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This activity is not just saving money if you think so. Exploring the city is your goal. On foot, you can see much more, feel like a piece of another culture, spend a little on the accumulated energy and save a few euros. If you like sports activities, you should find information about them. You can find paintball fields almost in any country. Of course, you should know a little bit about paintball guns.

Use ATMs

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Usually, we are looking for currency exchanges, and then we’re sorry that the rate was low or we were charged extra for the service. It is now much more profitable to withdraw money from an ATM in the right currency and to entrust the conversion of the bank, or even to start a currency card and use it. Moreover, you should not wear a lot of cash with you. Almost everywhere in Europe you can pay by card and be calm for your money.

Keep a Little Cash

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So, you still need to have cash. Yes, cards are accepted everywhere. However, sometimes you have to pay for a fare or pay for a magnet at the kiosk. Somewhere your card cannot be accepted. You must be prepared for such developments and have a little euro. Even in those European countries where the currency has not changed, you will be able to pay them.

Pack Your Backpack Wisely

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In summer Europe has a wonderful warm climate, and you will have enough shorts/T-shirts/knitted sweaters/sweaters. This is harder with the winters. They are cool and cold, and warm things will take a good part of your backpack. Keep in mind that you walk around the city for more than 20 km. Keep your back and always take less.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Travel Europe

To taste the local cuisine is an opportunity to get acquainted with the country. You should taste everything you want and enjoy it. Nowhere will you be able to taste a real paste, except in Italy, better chocolate than in Belgium or Switzerland, paella than in Spain. Try not to refuse anything. Look and plan where you want to go. This will save you not only money but time. When you want to have lunch or dinner, it is best to know where to go than to wander around the blocks and eventually eat in a cafe with tourist prices, which first came from the hand.

Take everything you need

There are various adventures in the journey. Unusual food, another climate, minor injuries, all this can affect you not in the best way. Take with you a first aid kit that does not look for a pharmacy and try to explain what you need. Also, let’s remind you about health insurance. This is worth the small money for registration. In an emergency, you will not have to pay for the help (and the prices for such services are not small).

Well, while that’s all we wanted to tell you. You should not be afraid of the unknown. Book tickets, plan and travel more often. Enjoy your life.

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Travel Europe

Katey Carter is a passionate writer about travelling and sport. In her free time, she reads adventure novels and writes reviews about them. 



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