Want to go on a trip to a peaceful destination apart from the bustling metropolis and crowded glamour? If yes, then go for a trip to New Carolina’s first capital, a 300-year-old capital city New Bern. In this charming riverfront city, you can enjoy several fun and laid-back things, like outdoor activities, touring a museum, stunning masterpieces at an art gallery, historical edifices and so much more.

No matter even if you are a history buff or adventure lover, New Bern, NC city holds everything for everyone. Some of the attractive places you can foresee uncovering here are alluring breweries, antique shops, a wonderful park, a history centre and many more terrific alternatives. Have a look:

Historic Centre in North Carolina: 

The North Carolina Historic Centre features the rich history of the area which is about 300 years old. It is a modernized family-friendly museum where you can check out historic boats, artefacts, old photographs, artwork etc.

Top Attractions in New Bern, NC

Union Point Park: 

The locals and tourists of New Bern, NC love this spot as it is spread over six acres of land, and settles on the bank of River Neuse. The park has a lot of amenities and a wonderful waterfront view.

Top Attractions in New Bern, NC

New Bern Farmers Market:

If you are a shopping fanatic, then you must check out this local farmer market of New Bern, NC established in June 1984. The market features a wide range of stores selling fresh produce and local handicrafts at cheap and affordable rates.

The local Saturday market holds various fresh stuff for you like farm produced fresh goods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and other organic choices. You can also look out for pottery, jewellery, apparel, bathing items etc.

Top Attractions in New Bern, NC

Origin Place of Pepsi: 

The city of New Bern, NC holds a title of the birthplace of Pepsi Cola. In 1893, local Pharmacists developed the soft drink for the first time. You can visit the birthplace of Pepsi in the heart of downtown New Bern where you can check out artefacts, pictures and memorabilia that trace Pepsi’s rise to fame.

Top Attractions in New Bern, NC

Craven Arts Council and Gallery Bank of the Arts: 

The Craven Arts Council and Gallery is an ideal spot for art enthusiasts to spend the afternoon. Situated right in New Bern, NC you can check out awe-inspiring art exhibitions and galleries every week between Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Top Attractions in New Bern, NC

Winding Up: 

You can visit these top attraction sites in New Bern. Catch out these places and click some pictures for a great memory.  

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