Its already December ! Time to bid goodbye to another year that got me into loads of adventures and expeditions. As we embark into the new year, I would like to share a little unforgettable travel moments of the year 2015.

Myanmmar (Burma):

Travel Highlights Of 2015

My journey through the mysitcal country started from the Capital city Yangoon formerly known as Rangoon. Shwedagon Pagoda was the highlight in Yangoon. As I started moving northwards Nyayung Shwe the gateway to the Inle Lake was the next stop where I rented a boat to sail through different islands around the lake. My next stop Bagan, the land of temples is where I woke up to view the Golden rays of sun beaming through the domes of the ancient pagodas.

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Travel Highlights Of 2015
Calle Crisologo Street In Vigan

Traveling to Philippines had always been on my list, the country of cheerful people and some unique cuisines. I embarked on this magnificent journey through the laid back province Clark, not so far away from the capital city Manila. My first stop was Pagudpud a laid-back province in the northern most point of the country. Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte is known for its pristine beaches. Bangui, was just a quick drive from Pagudpud where the country’s first wind farm is located.

Vigan in Ilocos Sur was certainly the highlight of the trip as the magical city moved me back to the Spanish Era in the country as soon as I stepped out of my bus from Laoag. The cobble stoned streets, kalesas and the delicious Empanada did give me some unforgettable memories from the trip.

My last stop was in the summer capital of the country Baguio, situated at an altitude of approximately 1,540 meters. The pine-land known for its strawberry farms.

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South Africa:

Travel Highlights Of 2015
Garden Route (N2- Highway)

The mother city welcomed me with an open arms. Every turn, every street had a mesmerizing beauty. The charming city’s iconic Table Mountain and Cape Point are something that once should not miss. I got this ambitious trip started by renting a car and driving through the Scenic Garden Route. Each regions that I passed gave me a unique and an unforgettable experience. The highlight of the trip however was when I took the plunge off the Bloukrans Bridge at 216 meters high, World’s Tallest Bungee Bridge.

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Travel Highlights Of 2015
Dalloul Region In The Northern Ethiopia Famously Known As The Danakil Depression (The Cruelest Place On Earth).

This country in the horn of Africa made me feel like I was in my house. Friendly and hospitable people, great food, varieties of Beer and ofcourse a land full of adventure. Bahir Dar, the gateway to the Blue Nile Falls and the only major lake in the country Lake Tana was my first stop, to get a wind of the local’s way of living I walked through the local market which gave me a great exposure to their way of living. Gondar the historic town to the north of Bahir Dar is where I walked into the history of the country.

The highlight of the trip was, the Danakil Depression often reffered to as ” the most crueles place on earth”. Danakil is a desert in the Afar region of Ethiopia bordering Djibouti and Eritrea. The sight of an active volcano, which the locals call as “The gateway to hell” and the salt flats in the dalloul region was a dream come true experience.

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