If you’re in a long-distance relationship, travelling is likely to become an essential part of your lifestyle. Relationships alone can be quite complicated, let alone the long-distance ones where every opportunity to see each other has to be arranged weeks, or even sometimes months in advance. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, so here are some travelling tips that will hopefully help you strengthen and maintain your relationship.

Make the most of your trips

Since you can’t exactly travel every day, it’s important to spend your time together in the most enjoyable way. So, think about the destination of your meeting. You want your trip to be memorable with plenty of things to do and see, but you also need to make time for comfort, conversations, and intimacy, which are essential for every relationship.

Paris, France

For example, you can meet in the city of love and have a delicious candlelit meal in a romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy the fantastic view from the Eiffel Tower, or you can just walk along the Seine, hold hands, and plan your next trip. It’s also a great chance to take a break from all the technology and spend some time communicating in person.

Kyoto, Japan

If you’re looking for something a bit more peaceful, you can visit Kyoto. Its recognizable architecture covered by countless cherry blossoms is quite beautiful, and it’s perfect for taking romantic photos. If you visit during spring, you can take a boat ride down the Okazaki Canal and appreciate the symbolic meaning of the blossoms – the Japanese believe that the short blooming cycle of the cherry blossoms symbolizes the value of time. Speaking of time, it might also be a good opportunity to discuss your future. Uncertainty can put a lot of pressure on your relationship, so use this opportunity to make some plans.

Venice, Italy

For something a bit more elegant, declare your love in the breathtaking city of Venice. Go for a walk across the numerous bridges, visit the Saint Peter’s Basilica and if you have enough time, explore the sites of Casanova’s romantic adventures. Don’t forget to buy a couple of gorgeous Venetian masks and enjoy a gondola ride through the city. Another common issue you might experience in a long-distance relationship is boredom, but one thing is for sure – there is no way you can be bored in Venice. It’s truly a timeless epitome of romance and a trip you will always remember.

Kauai, Hawaii

Finally, if you and your partner are more into exotic destinations, why not visit Hawaii? You can sip cocktails on the beach or take long romantic walks in the sunset. Hawaii is also filled with adventures, so if you’re looking for some excitement, visit Kauai and sign up for a hiking trip along the coastlines or take a helicopter ride over its wild rainforests. If you feel like you’re starting to grow apart, this paradise on earth is guaranteed to bring you closer and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Save money on travelling

Some of the biggest struggles of long-distance relationships are loneliness and unbearable missing. You know you can’t see each other whenever you want and counting the days until the next time can be quite stressful. So, to be able to travel more often, it’s important to cut corners wherever you can.

By plane

For example, if you’re travelling by plane, try to book your tickets early and research different airlines. Next, try to avoid flying on Fridays and Sundays, as flights are usually more expensive on those days. Instead, fly when most people wouldn’t, like during the night, at dawn, or around lunchtime and dinnertime.

By Car

Driving can also be cost-effective if you organize well. Plan your route in advance and book the hotel rooms beforehand. Arm yourself with a reliable GPS and some good music, and maybe you can turn your romantic meeting into a romantic road trip as well.

By train or bus

Finally, trains and buses might not be your first choice, but they are often cheaper than flights and road trips. True, reaching your destination might take a while, but on the bright side, there’s no way for you to get lost and waste even more time. Plus, saving some money will enable you to see each other more often, so it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Being in a long-distance relationship comes with many challenges, some of which can be quite difficult to deal with. However, if you both put equal effort into communication, support, and trust, there will be nothing for you to worry about. Until you can finally close the distance and start your life together, make your trips meaningful and memorable, and your relationship is sure to last.

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