If your knowledge from history classes is still with you, then you probably know who original nomads are. To put it briefly, those people were changing places when resources run out. Well, it seems that their genes have lasted, with one crucial difference – the only resources that can run out today are landscapes and tourist visas. So, thanks to the digital world, nomads still walk the earth – in their digital reincarnation.

The term ʽdigital nomadsʼ is reserved for people who work from anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the virtual and internet world facilities. So they’re not people on a sabbatical, nor are they backpackers. They work during their travels and live where they choose. Of course, it’s not as simple as that, so we’re gonna dive a bit deeper.

Travels of Digital nomads

Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

You can probably already picture it – waking up at Cape Town, Bali, or Lisbon, it’s very quiet, the sun is beating on the balcony of your Airbnb, and you’re enjoying a cup of coffee before you get to work. You’re the one who chooses when to work and how much and spend the rest of the time touring different sights and enjoying new landscapes. Yes, the daily life of digital nomads truly seems like utopia. At least on the first glace. 

But the truth is that it’s not a life where you spend all day enjoying and walking around. Working remains a necessity, and many of the digital nomads need to devote several hours per day (or night) to it. It’s not about wandering around hotels until you decide to return home. It’s not a form of escapism nor it is a search for anything in particular – it’s a lifestyle. And this lifestyle is quite similar to the other people around the world, except it’s on-the-go. Which means that it also needs to be made sustainable, so you can work remotely and travel. 

That’s why most of the digital nomad start out with a short vacation to see if they’re able to work this way or if it was just a fancy idea in their mind. You need to see if you can handle all the good and the bad that comes with this lifestyle – if you can adjust to living out of a suitcase, that is. 

Travels of Digital nomads

Careful Considerations

Travels of Digital nomads

Although the feeling of complete freedom is often associated with digital nomads, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to plan things. Actually, starting out sometimes requires a lot of planning. Since all the money comes from working online through your laptop, there’s much that depends on reliable high-speed broadband or at least mobile internet. But figuring out the way to get high-speed internet on demand is just one of the necessary considerations. After you’ve found a sustainable income source, you need to take care of your travel, life, and health insurance. And then you have to do quite extensive research every time you change destinations. If you’re caught in Wyong with a pulsating toothache, you’ll want to know everything about Wyong dentist, right? Staying informed is not an easy task when you don’t have a place to call home. 

It also takes a lot of planning to overcome loneliness, which can be a very persistent companion in this lifestyle. Relationships are already a pretty complex thing, but they tend to become even more if they need to be maintained on the road. Nothing is impossible, though. There are even many digital nomad couples who are traveling around the world with small children. But keep in mind that all considerations mentioned above are multiplied when it comes to a family. 

Endless Opportunities, Nevertheless

The virtual world has become gigantic and it’s still growing, so it offers a see of endless opportunities. It covers a very wide range of diverse professions, from photographic models to web designers which could be done from anywhere in the world. The opportunities are the same for those who want to start and create their own business and for those who prefer to work as employees. All you need to do is to look, research, talk to people, and you’ll inevitably discover many opportunities – there’s room for everyone. It’s all about a firm decision, accompanied by determination and persistence. In most cases, people discover that they already have the training needed for some remote jobs. There may be a situation when you’ll need to change the area, but isn’t that what traveling around the world is all about – healthy and natural changes which expand your knowledge and universe?

As you can see, traveling as a digital nomad offers endless opportunities, but it’s far from utopia. It is a lifestyle like any other and it needs to be made sustainable. It takes a lot of planning, research, and determination. But aren’t those the characteristics of people who really want to see the world?

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