Camping trips are always a great adventure whether you are going alone with your friends or family. Still you need to be well prepared since nature can be quite treacherous, and a beautiful sunny day can turn into a storm in a matter of hours, so having the right gear to protect you from all the elements is essential to make your camping trip successful.

A good sized tent

This might be the most important piece of equipment, it will provide you protection, ensure you sleep safely through the night and up your comfort levels. So make sure you get the one that is ideal for the camping trip you are planning. You should try to get a tent with the sufficient floor length and height so that you have enough space to squeeze in a blow up mattress for additional comfort. Next is deciding if you need a seasonal tent or one that can be used during all four seasons. Finally make sure you have proper ventilation as it can get quite stuffy and claustrophobic inside the tent if there is insufficient air flow.

The perfect sleeping bag

Apart from the tent, your sleeping bag is one of the most essential parts of your camping gear. So take your time and browse through a good camping store to find the ideal one for your trip. It should be big enough and have adequate padding so as to ensure high comfort levels. Camping isn’t about luxury, but a splurging on a quality sleeping bag can be considered a must if you want to come back from your trip fully rested. Don’t forget to get one with a waterproof outer layer in case you prefer to sleep under the stars instead of in the tent.  

Practical backpack

You can’t carry a suitcase on your camping trip so it is important that everything you need fits into your backpack. The first thing you need to decide on is the size, in most cases you can choose from daypacks, overnight, and long haul backpacks, depending on the length of your trip. When you get the size down, next is the number of compartments and belts. The ideal camping backpack should include slots for your sleeping bag, and it should also have side water holders. Finally make sure you get a waterproof one as you might run into some changing weather on your camping trip.

Appropriate lighting options

Camping in the wilderness means that you won’t have the benefit of street lighting. The only light will be provided by the moon and stars. This is why it is important that you include the right lighting options into your camping gear. First you need a flashlight, to help you move about and locate things in the dark. Having a lantern is also a great option, it can illuminate a lot more area and can be a great mood setter. These days you can buy solar powered lamps and lanterns, so that they can charge during the day and then you can reuse them the next night without needing to worry about your battery running out during the camping trip.  

Footwear and clothing

You need to pack smart when it comes to camping trips. The temperature drops in the mountains or deserts can be quite significant and you need to come prepared. Layering clothes is a great way to make sure you will remain warm at all times. In addition, don’t forget to bring a raincoat in case the weather changes suddenly. And at least twice as much pairs of socks then the days you will be camping, because during hiking you might need to go through water or different damp terrain. And in order not to catch a cold you’ll have to change your socks as soon as they get wet. Finally we come to footwear, quality hiking boots are a must. Make sure you make this your primary investment, your feet and your back will thank you for it.

You are now ready for your camping trip, with all the bases covered all that is left is to relax and have fun. Camping is about roughing it and being in nature, but it doesn’t mean that you should be uncomfortable, tired and wet while conquering the great outdoors. By upping your comfort level you will be able to enjoy your trip a lot more.

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