Whether you are going on a family road trip or flying the (un)friendly skies, the potential hassles of travelling with family are endless. Unfortunately, you can’t lower fuel prices, get additional room on a plane, or make your fussy, bored toddler suddenly interested in the scenery around you. However, you can always arm yourself with entertainment ideas, essential items and practical advice to help you make the trip that much more fun and relaxing. Listed below are all the essentials you’ll ever need when travelling with your family:

Packing the right clothes

Babies and toddlers tend to go through more than one change of clothing throughout the day. So, to minimize the amount of items you’ll need, try to bring clothes that coordinate with several outfits. For example, a blue T-shirt might be paired with gray, black or navy bottoms, so if the trousers become soiled, the top will still match a different pair, and you won’t need to change the entire outfit. If you are travelling to a destination where you can easily purchase these items, you’ll save quite a lot of space in your luggage while you travel.

When it comes to your clothes, although you might want to travel in leggings, you shouldn’t forget that every trip is a special occasion; so, don’t forget to pack a few special maxi dresses and high heels if you feel comfortable wearing them. Minimalist packing isn’t always about the basic clothes – it is about the wise choices we can enjoy.

Organizing with packing cubes

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When travelling with children, sorting clothing items into sturdy, yet lightweight canvas zipper bags may be the best option, as they eliminate the stresses of constantly digging through your luggage. So, opt for packing cubes, among other travel accessories you might need while on the road. Don’t forget to label the packing cubes, so that everyone has a separate cube for tops, bottoms, and so on. Once you’re on the road, dirty clothes can go into a designated laundry cube, for example.

Toys for entertainment

Toys are one category where packing light can truly make a big difference. Since your little ones are going to be in new environments where everything is different and interesting, there’s no need to bring large and bulky toys with you – a few favourite smaller toys are more than enough to keep your children entertained. Toddlers can even pack a few toys in their own backpack to occupy themselves with during the flight or the drive, such as crayons, colouring books, or even tablets.

Snacks for the road

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To avoid pricey concessions and airport vending machines, remember to pack plenty of snacks that can be stored in separate plastic containers, such as crackers, cheese, raisins and other dried fruit. If you are flying with a baby or a toddler, you are allowed to bring breast milk, infant formula and juice in greater quantities, but you must let the security officer at the checkpoint know you are carrying those items.

Rethink the stroller

Bigger is not always better, especially in this case. Unless you have a very small infant, a collapsible umbrella stroller may be the best option, as it can be folded and unfolded very quickly and it takes up very little space in your luggage. Be mindful of the fact that even toddlers might think a stroller is a welcome idea, especially if you plan to go on long excursions through the park or the zoo while on your trip.

Don’t forget the convenience items

Pack a few small zipper bags or plastic grocery bags, as they can be very useful for storing wet or soiled clothing, or gathering small items, such as crayons, snacks and hair accessories. Disposable wet wipes are also a good idea, as they can be used for anything from changing diapers to wiping your toddler’s hands and face or cleaning their clothes when they’ve spilt their drink. Another essential thing to pack is a small first-aid kit that includes children’s pain relievers, bandages, antibacterial ointment and a thermometer.

When travelling with family, less truly is more. So, use the above mentioned guide to give yourself and your family more freedom and a chance to relax during your trip.

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