In this day and age, we’re lucky to have a bunch of different gadgets and devices to help us make the most out of our solo trip. However, this can easily turn into a double-edged sword if you forget to bring all the essentials with you, especially if you plan to travel on your own, as mentioned. This is no reason to shy away from the engaging experience of solo traveling though. As long as you take the time to create a packing list and pack properly and carefully before it’s time to take off, you’re bound to have an amazing time. Of course, it all depends on the nature of your trip, but the following items tend to be the backpacking essentials for your outdoor travel, so keep them in mind.

Confirm your reservations

Even if you’re planning an outdoor trip, chances are you’ll still have to use a different type of transport, maybe rent a vehicle, or even book accommodation in certain places. In order to make things as stress-free as possible for yourself, make sure to call every service you have some kind of reservation with to confirm that reservation before you actually embark on your travels. This will reduce the stress instantly and help you start enjoying this traveling experience as soon as it begins. Moreover, you might want to print out your reservation confirmations and place them in a paper folder that you can pack, just in case your phone, tablet, laptop or Internet decide to give you trouble.

Secure your tech

When it comes to your backpacking essentials, you first want to consider all your tech and gadgets that could come in handy once you find yourself out on your own. Obviously, your phone(s), tablet and/or a laptop will probably be your must-haves. However, don’t forget the importance of good GPS, regular charger, wireless charger, headphones, and maybe even a camera if the one on your phone is not HQ enough for you. Furthermore, a top-quality waterproof watch will always turn out to be a classy accessory that doesn’t take away from your backpacking space while allowing you to tell time even in those areas where you can’t bring your phone. And being able to tell time outdoors is very important, especially if you want to avoid getting stuck in the wilderness at night.

Get your first aid kit ready

One of the most important things you want to get ready for packing is your first aid kit. Essentially, you should put together a kit that caters to your personal needs. So, even though there are pre-made ones that you can buy, don’t hesitate to fill the kit up with other must-haves. These include your prescription meds, painkillers, sunscreen, antiseptics, insect bite ointments, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tweezers, and whatever else you might find useful during this outdoor trip.

Take care of the cooking

What you’ll have to bring in regards to your food needs will depend on the trip you’re planning to have. If you want to spend most of your time camping, you might choose destinations with an existing outdoor BBQ. Or, you might still look for accommodation that serves meals. There’s also the possibility of exploring the outdoors relatively close to the local shops. That said, consider what modern gadgets will turn out to be the most useful to you in this case. You might want to bring your cooler bag with you, pack an instant pot, stock up on non-perishable foods and snacks, bring a small travel BBQ set, as well as the basic cutlery. Of course, remember to prepare your water stash with a travel water bottle ready.

Be very specific with clothes

You don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe with you on your outdoor trip, especially if your goal is to experience the mindfulness of open nature. In that respect, it’s crucial to keep things practical. A sturdy and comfortable pair of hiking shoes, hiking pants/shorts, a couple of tees and shirts, a hiking vest, and a rain jacket will definitely come in handy. Of course, you’ll need a change of underwear and socks. Aside from the actual clothes, remember to pack a towel, as well as some much-needed accessories, including a hat, umbrella, and sunglasses.

Remember that the most important thing for your trip is to have fun and avoid stress. With all the modern tech at your disposal, there’s really no reason to sacrifice your traditional means of entertainment. In that respect, don’t hesitate to fill your phone/tablet with music, audiobooks, podcasts, and maybe even some movies to keep things interesting during those times when you can’t go out and explore. Still, keep in mind that you can always benefit from having an old-school map of the area you’re visiting, no matter how tech-savvy you are. 


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