Brazil and Uruguay are separated by nothing more than a concrete median. Chui (Brazil) / Chuy (Uruguay) is the most easiest and widely preferred  border to cross.

1.Bus from Florianopolis to Porto Alegre

My last stop in Brazil was the serene part of the country – Florianopolis or Floripa, an island that is popular among surfers. Busses from Terminal Rita Maria leaves frequently to Porto Alegre. The 6 hours ride would cost 85 BRL (USD 26). Overnight busses usually costs more as they operate sleeper coaches. There are various companies operating between these cities.

2.Bus From Porto Alegre to Chui

The bus pulled over at the Porto Alegre Bus Station at 0930 PM. Once in Porto Alegre, you have an option of spending a night or two exploring the city or continue traveling to Chui. I chose to spend my night on an overnight bus operated by Planalto. The 8 hours ride cost me 130 BRL (USD 40).


Before entering the town, the bus pulled over next to the Brazilian Immigration office, where foreigners had to get off the bus to have passport stamped.

The center of the town which acts as the border between the Latin American countries is called as Avenue Internaciona and is 2 kms from Brazil. The bus terminates close to the center. Know more about Chuy here.

Once your passport is stamped out of Brazil/Uruguay you have a 7 days time to have it stamped by the other country.

4.From the Bus Stop to Uruguayan immigration:

From the Bus Stop, it’s barely a 15 minutes walk (ask the driver for directions) to the Chuy bus station.

5.From Chuy to Punta Del Diablo:

Punta Del Diablo is 40kms away from the Uruguayan border control, its safe to hitch-hike after crossing the border to get to Punta Del Diablo, all vehicles will have to pass through Route 9 from where the main village is 3 kms.

If you want to have a convenient ride, then you would have to get to the little plaza from where you can get a bus to Punta Del Diablo for 94 UYP. Ensure to inform the ticket vendor that you would need to get an entry stamp at the “immigracion”.

Immigration counter is about a kilometer from the point from where the bus leaves. The ride to Punta Del Diablo is roughly 45 minutes and the bus would drop you off at  little wooden shack in the centre of the town (it’s near the two supermarkets).

Bus Stop In Punta Del Diablo


1 – Bus from Florianopolis to Porto Alegre / 6 hours / 85 BRL (USD 26)

2 – Bus From Porto Alegre to Chui / 8 hours / 130 BRL (USD 40)

3 – Walk to the bus station on the Uruguayan side / 15 minutes  / Free

3 – Bus From Chuy to Punta Del Diablo / 45 minutes / 94 UYP

8 comments on “Crossing The Border Between Brazil and Uruguay.

  1. Imagine your standing on the boundary line between two different countries. I find that awesome!

  2. A friend of mine is planning on traveling by bus in this area. Very helpful information! I will share it with him 🙂

  3. I love to travel across borders by road/bus, I do not know why, but this always holds a special fascination for me.

  4. Thank you for a useful breakdown on getting through the border! I haven’t been yet, so this would be great to refer to when I do.

  5. Hmmm not as cheap as I thought they would be… Would you recommend the South of Brazil ? I was just thinking of flying to BUE as I didnt see that much I really loved…But I could be convinced 😛

  6. Wow those buses sure aren’t cheap on the Brazilian side!

    We thought Punta del Diablo was a beautiful little town, but awfully quiet during the winter months 🙂

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