Istanbul is a wonderful holiday destination with over a thousand years of history, traditions, elegant milestones, amazing views, and lively nightlife. This city is fast with multiculturalism that you can’t miss.

Istanbul New Airport

About Istanbul Airport

Istanbul New Airport (IST) was inaugurated on 29 October 2018. All the passenger flights to/from Istanbul are presently attended by Turkey’s recent and biggest airport. It’s helpful to know how to get from Istanbul Airport to the city centre.

when you’re going from Istanbul New Airport to Istanbul’s city centre, you have many transportation options. The recommended conveyance is Istanbul Airport Taxi. The distance from the Istanbul Airport to the city centre is around 45 km of the heart of Istanbul i.e. Sultanahmet.

Istanbul New Airport


You can take an IETT Municipal Public Bus, Private Shuttle, Taxi, Airport Shuttle, or Shared Shuttle. It takes around 50 minutes from the airport to the city centre as the airport is on the northern side of Arnavutköy, near the Black Sea coast.

We have details about the conveyance to make your trip easy between New Istanbul Airport (IST) and the city centre.

  • By Airport Shuttles/Buses

The Airport Buses or Shuttles run on a normal fixed route. Fares are paid only with IstanbulKart or Credit Card.

  • By Private and Shared Shuttles

If you are with a group or have many items of luggage with you then it’s recommendable to take the private shuttle. You will get a comfortable ride at a fixed rate.

  • By Taxi

The Istanbul Airport is connected to the city centre via taxi so taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport ensures a safe and comfortable journey. You might face traffic on Istanbul streets via a taxi but you will reach quickly at your exact location in with an average fee of 200₺.

The fare also depends on the travel time as Istanbul Airport Taxi doesn’t have fixed rates. You will cover your ride of approximately 50-km in 50 minutes. For convenience, official taxi ranks have been posted outside every airport level.

Istanbul New Airport

Final Words

You will get three types of Istanbul Airport Taxi easily outside of the airport. The expensive black “E-type” taxis, fine blue “D-type” taxis, and actual orange/yellow “C-type” taxis. “C-type” taxis are the cheapest ones that charge normal fares while ‘D” taxis charge 15 per cent more than that. And above all, “E” taxis charge 70% more than orange taxis.

Note that never take private vehicles and also be aware of the “traditional” taxi drivers’ frauds and overcharges.

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