According to the City of Sydney website, the number of cyclists increased by 100% during the last three years. Also, the city helps developing this healthy and fun way of transportation by making a cool network of cycling paths. At the moment, 200 km of cycling paths are built, marked and used by the citizens of Sydney. Therefore, there is nothing as fun as exploring a new city on a bike. Here are some interesting routes for the cyclists that are in Sydney for the first time.

Blue Mountains to Falconbridge Tour

This is quite a demanding ride that counts 22 km. You start at the Falconbridge station where you should find the beginning of the track. Your ride will go along the Falconbridge Ridge and it gets steep only a couple of times, so it is great even for beginners. This ride will show you the beauty of Sydney countryside. There are a lot of people who hike there, so make sure you watch for them when you ride. Blue Mountains are an absolute must!


Ride for the Art Lovers

Hop on the bike and enjoy the tour that comes in two parts. Both of them have many cool artsy points and urban centres on its way. The east ride starts at the heart of Surry Hills in the direction of the Royal garden. The first gallery that you would run into is the Mark Hanham Art Gallery where you will be able to check out some amazing contemporary pieces. If you are more into the pop and urban art and street style, Outre Gallery is on your way. After a short ride you will reach the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It will take time to see it. So, take a rest and have lunch in the Botanical garden before moving on.


Parks and Gardens

Gorgeous parks and gardens of Sydney can be seen in an amazing and relaxing tour that stretches somewhere around 13 km long. You can start as early as 7 am with your tour of the grand Royal Botanical Garden. The vast Domain is on your way to the Mrs Macquaries Point and enjoy the view of the Harbor for a bit. Get back and go to visit the Hyde Park and the Anzac Memorial within it. After that, escape the city and see the Chinese Garden of friendship. It is a bit away so you will be thrilled to know that you can buy electric bikes in Australia at reasonable prices. If you want to finish this tour with a swim in a pond, heat straight to the Victoria Park.


Sydney Harbor Bridge

Perhaps not the longest, but definitely one of the most amazing tours is the cycling tour of the Harbor Bridge. It is best that you take this ride with a group and with a guide. Tours usually include lunch and stories about Sydney. The view of the Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House are just stunning.


Exploring Sydney on two wheels is one of the most awesome experiences for any tourist who happen to appreciate bikes. Bikes can be rented or bought and the tours are available for any taste. Make sure that you check out the possible announced events for the bike lovers. At times, group tours and critical masses are organized in Sydney and they are tons of fun.

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  1. Great post and I always wanted to try different ways to see places. This looks like a great way to start. Love the post, pics. Thank you Roxana

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