Indian citizens are entitled to get a Visa On Arrival in Bolivia, but there is a catch – we can get it on arrival only at La Paz or Santacruz Airport. What’s more? It costs USD 55.

After doing a little research, I found out that Indian citizens can also obtain a 30 days Tourist Visa for free, when applied from a Bolivian consulate.

As I was crossing the border overland from Peru, I applied for my Tourist Visa from the Bolivian consulate in Cusco, Peru. It took less than five minutes to have the 30 days Tourist Visa stamped on my passport.

Documents needed to apply for a tourist Visa:

  1. Hotel Reservation (first point of stay in Bolivia)
  2. Credit Card copy
  3. An itinerary (Rough copy of your tentative travel plan in the country)
  4. Copy of your Passport
  5. Copy of an online application, which would have your photo on it.
  6. Copy of a yellow fever vaccination.

Visit the Bolivian consulate with these documents and it barely takes less than five minutes to get the Visa stamped on your passport.

Extending Your Tourist Visa (for all nationals):

Visitors to Bolivia are normally granted a 30 days tourist visa. This can easily be extended up to 90 days for free from Immigration offices in Bolivia.

The 30 days initial entry period can be extended for free for an additional 30 days, and then again for another 30 days (for a total of 90 days)

Documents Needed To Extend Your Tourist Visa:

  1. Orignal Passport and Bolivian tourist card (the form that was stamped and returned to you when you entered the country)
  2. Copy of front page of your Passport
  3. Copy of the page showing Bolivian Visa and entry stamp
  4. Copy of Bolivian tourist card.

This extension would add 30 days to your existing period of stay. So after your first extension, your entry visa will be valid for 60 days (from your original entry date)

Overstaying In Bolivia:

If a tourist overstays a few days or weeks they will be required to pay a fine of 20 Bolivianos (USD 3)  per day at the border while leaving the country, something that is usually processed without any hassle.


2 comments on “Bolivia Visa For Indians and Extension of Tourist Visa

  1. Hi, thanks for this post. Sure is the most clear and precise one I have come across so far! I will be coming in from Lima and would like to apply for my Bolivia visa from there- only thing is I have only the morning to apply as I fly out the same evening. Would this be doable/ advisable considering the short time? In case I have to, can I apply at the border for the added cost?

    • Hi Shenona, glad to know you found this post helpful. Yes, it is doable. Let me know once you are in Peru. I am in Cusco now and will be here for 4-5 months. I will assist you in getting it processed.

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