To most, Mexico’s Capital City, Ciudad De Mexico or Mexico City would be the gateway to the country. The city is served by its only airport Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) which is located roughly 8 km. away from Zocalo, the historic centre.

Zocalo is the heart of the historic centre. It is home to numerous hostels. Zocalo houses some of the major attractions of Mexico City like the Plaza de la Constitución,  Palacio Nacional (National Palace), Metropolitan Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in the Americas, Templo Mayor which was one of the main temples of Aztecs and more. The historic centre is patrolled by police which makes it the safest place in the bustling metropolitan city.

You can reach Zocalo from the airport by different modes of transport:

By Metro Bus:

An inexpensive and a convenient option would be to travel by the Metro Bus. Buses leave regularly from both terminals (Terminal 1 and 2) and go through San Lazaro Station to Historic Centre towards Buena Vista.

All busses have security cameras, a Police personnel onboard, dedicated luggage storage place and reserved place for wheelchairs.

To reach Zocalo, you will have to get down at “Avenida Argentina”. It is located three blocks away from Plaza de la Constitución, the main square.

You can only pay using a smart card which you can buy at any terminal through automated machines. The card costs 10 Mexican Pesos and can also be used for renting bikes and to travel on Metro Trains.

The Machine will not give you change so if you pay using a 100 Pesos note you would get 90 Pesos credited to the account after deducting 10 Pesos, a one -time card issuance fees.

Cost: 30 Pesos | Journey Time 45 mins – 1 Hr |

Timings: From Monday to Saturday – 04.30 am to 00.00 am | On Sundays and holidays – 05.00 am to 00.00 am |



By Metro:

Mexico City has an impressive metro system connecting almost every corner of the city and suburbs. “Terminal Aérea Station” is the closest to the airport and has frequent service of Line 5 (Yellow Line).

From Terminal Aérea Station take a train bound to Pantitlán and get down at the last station, Pantitlán. At Pantitlán take the Pink Line (Line 1) to Pino Suarez. Once in Pino Suarez, you need to change to the Blue Line (Line 2) and get down at the next station, Zocalo in the direction Cuatro Caminos.

Zocalo station is located in the main square and a few meters away from most hostels.

The downside of this option is that it could be quite tiresome as you will have to change 3 lines to get to Zocalo. Metro in Mexico City is often crowded. even on weekends.

Cost: 5 Mexican Pesos | Journey Time: 45 Minutes to 1 Hour |



By Taxi:

The easiest way to reach the centre would be by a Taxi. Upon exiting the baggage area you will find several counters, look for an authorised airport taxi service counter (Taxi Autorizado). Currently, there are six companies offering service at México airport (MEX): Yellow Cab, Porto Taxi, Nueva Imagen, Sitio 300, Confort and Excelencia.

Avoid those who ask you for a taxi the moment you step into the arrival hall. Walk straight to the desk. There would be a fare chart posted in a visible place next to the desk with clear indications of fare to each area in the city.

Once you pay, the agent would issue a confirmation slip which you will need to present near the Door 9 before boarding the taxi.

Cost: Between 200-250 Mexican Pesos | Journey Time: 20-30 minutes | Taxis operate 24 hours |


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